Rudraksh Revealed A Shocker To Mishka

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishka pleads Venky to forgive him. Rudra enters Venky’s room and is surprised to see her there. Venky acts as sleeping again. Mishka gets tense thinking Rudra listened to her conversation. Rudra asks why she is pleading Venky. She relaxes and says she thought she disturbed Venky. Rudra drapes blanket over Venky and notices a wrist band. GPS returns from pharmacy and says he brought Venky’s medicine. Mishka says she will leave now and walks away. GPS says he will speak to Preesha as he didn’t since she went to hospital today. Rudra returns to Venky’s room and gets confused noticing wrist band in Venky’s hand which he saw on bed. He thinks of discussing it with Preesha and reaches her hospital to see a man misbehaving with Preesha to redo his wife’s pregnancy test while she says she performed tests repeatedly and his wife is not pregnant. Man is about to hit Preesha when Rudra holding his neck warns him to behave with his wife. Man says he should keep his wife home as she doesn’t know anything. Rudra says any doctor would say the same. Man continues shouting. Rudra tapes his mouth shut and asks his wife to speak or else her husband will continue misbehaving with women. Lady drags her husband from there.

Sharda calls pandit home to find out Mishka and Param’s wedding muhurath. Preesha’s assistant takes leave, so she asks Rudra to be her assistant today. He happily agrees. Women patients get happy seeing rockstar Rudra and flirt with him while Preesha checks them. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He feeds food to Preesha and massages her while she is busy in her work. After her duty hours, she thanks him for being her assistant. They head to GPS’ house to meet Venky.

Preesha shows family photos to Venky. Venky asks her about her and Rudra’s love story. Rudra signals her to go ahead. She says their love story is too long, she will describe it later, they had many hurdles, but are together due to destiny. Rudra says same. Venky says it doesn’t take time to change destiny by others. He asks about her family members. She says she has a cute son and a MIL. He insists to see their pics. She shows it. He sees Mishka asks who is she. She says she is Mishka who like a family member and is soon marrying Param.

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