Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Finds Swara’s Secret

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa with Bapuji waits for Panditji’s arrival and asks about Gehna. Anant informs that she has gone out for some important work. Panditji walks in. Family welcomes him. He steps in and sensing some trouble steps back. Swara says she will wash his feet. He asks where is the one who used to wash his feet during his ever visit. Swara asks who? He says Gehna and asks who is she. She says she is Desai family’s elder bahu Swara Desai. Baa asks if there is any problem. He says he sees a problem hovering over his house for the next 24 hours. Desai family gets tensed. After sometime, Swara munches food and tells Kusum that the whole family is tensed with Panditji’s prediction, but the problem already entered their lives when we entered their house. Kusum asks her to toss a coin and says if she gets heads, Gehna is conspiring something and if she gets tails, she is definitely conspiring something against them. Swara asks what is the use when her both prediction is same and says she has planned to lure Pankaj tonight and control Desai family via him.

Swara decorates Pankaj’s room and waits for him lights off with a surprise for him. Gehna enters instead and says she went to enquire about her sister. Swara taunts that she has exchanged her place and soon will take over her family. Gehna reveals that she knows how Swara conned many people in Mumbai and how she trapped a rich boy Rohit in her life and vanished with his money like a true looteri dulhan. Swara panics. Gehna warns her to leave this house silently or she will expose her. Swara nervously says Rohit is in Dubai. Gehna says he has returned and may be behind her back. Swara turns and sees Pankaj instead. Gehna tries to speak to Pankaj, but Swara hugs and thanks her and sends her away. Pankaj asks Swara if she decorated room for him. Swara says she is having headache and wants to sleep.

At midnight, Swara wakes up not getting sleep in tension and goes out to get water where she sees a hooded jacket wearing man near window and shouts in fear. Kusum shuts her mouth. Gehna and Anant wait for hooded jacket man. Krishna walks in wearing hooded jacket and says his plan is working perfectly. Swara informs Kusum that she saw Rohit. Kusum says they saw Rohit boarding Dubai flight and there is something fishy. Swara gets Rohit’s call who insists to meet her right now. She panics, but Kusum asks her to meet him and end his chapter or else they won’t be able to stay in this house. Swara meets Rohit in a secluded place who handcuffs her and says he was waiting to take revenge from her. Gehna wakes up Pankaj and says she wants to tell him something about Swara. Pankaj says he will not hear anything against Swara. She asks where did Swara go at midnight. He says she must be in washroom and calls. She says she knows where Swara is and takes him along to old house. He hits head to a stone and sits down writhing in pain. Gehna goes to gets something for him when he walks towards Swara and is about to notice her with Rohit when Kusum hits his head and he falls down unconscious. Gehna reaches him hearing his shout and panics seeing him unconscious with a head injury. Baa senses someone in family is in danger.

Precap: Gehna calls Anant who informs him about Pankaj’s condition. He rushes to the spot and calls ambulance. Swara fears that Pankaj is dead.

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