Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Is Arrested

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna panics seeing Pankaj unconscious on with a head injury and ties her dupatta over his head. She calls Anant and briefs him about the situation. Anant rushes towards the venue. Gehna then pleads for help. Swara asks Kusum if Pankaj is dead, why did she kill him. Kusum says she didn’t want to hit Pankaj, but had to helplessly as she saw Gehna bringing Pankaj here and Pankaj was heading towards Swara and Rohit. Anant reaches there and calls ambulance. Baa and Bapuji reach hospital and ask Anant how is Pankaj, how was he hurt, and where he had been. Gehna tries to speak when doctor comes out of ICU room and informs that Pankaj lost a lot of blood and needs immediate transfusion. Gehna agrees to donate blood, but Swara rushes in and insists to donate blood and save her suhaag. Gehna tells Anant that Swara really seem to concern about Pankaj, so she will not expose her and ruin her married life

Desai family sitting in hospital waiting area discuss who must have attacked Pankaj. Baa says Panditji’s prediction came true, her son’s life is in danger now. Police walks in, and the inspector says they came here to arrest Gehna for attempting to murder Pankaj. Family is shocked to hear that. Swara acts also as shocked. Inspector says they have live evidence and calls Rohit. Anant confronts Rohit. Rohit lies that Gehna hired him to tarnish Swara’s image by asking making him call Swara at a place and then calling Pankaj there. When he didn’t agree, Gehna brought Pankaj there and hit him on his head. Swara blames Gehna and insists inspector to arrest her. Baa doesn’t trust Swara. Gehna reveals that Swara was having an affair with Rohit and she called Rohit to expose her. Rohit lies that he and Swara were in same dance proof but didn’t have any affair. Swara insists inspector again to arrest Gehna. Inspector arrests Gehna and takes her in jeep while Anant assures Gehna that he will hire a good lawyer and rescue her.

Hema meets Kanak and informs her whole story. Kanak says she is sure that Gehna cannot harm Pankaj, gets worried for Pankaj, and insists to see him. She requests jailer to let her visit hospital and see her husband, but jailer doesn’t permit her. Swara and Kusum meet Rohit and thank him for his help. Once Rohit leaves, Swara goes into flashback where she emotionally blackmails to help her as her sister is trying to ruin her life and forcing her to do all this, but she will not listen to her this time and will retaliate. She then thinks Gehna will be in jail forever now. Gehna is put in Kanak’s jail cell. Kanak confronts her, asks about Pankaj’s condition, and taunts that she sent her jethani to jail and her her jethani sent her to jail. Gehna says they should pray for Pankaj’s life and she will not spare Swara for her sins. At night, another inmate tries to suffocate Gehna with a blanket over her face and kill her.

Anant wakes up worried for Gehna and informs family that once Swara returns, they should convince her to take her complaint back. Swara returns home acting with bandaged feet. Kusum says she did temple parikarama for Pankaj’s life. Anant warns Swara to stop her drama as they all know that Gehna didn’t harm Pankaj. Paresh says this is a family matter and alleging and sending family’s bahu is not right. Swara says let Pankaj wake up and decide himself, right now she wants to visit hospital and see Pankaj. Gehna gasps for air and calls Kanak for help. Kanak watches silently smirking.

Precap: Gehna asks Kusum why did she hit Pankaj as Swara was with Rohit then. Kusum asks how will she prove it and asks if she get her mother punished.

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