Sai leaves Anna and Mai’s home

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Srikanth ji asks Ashavaan ji what will happen next. Did Mai agree? Ashavaan ji says like Baizama said, no mother can ever agree to send her kid away from herself. That was Mai’s case too.

Mai closes the door from inside and cries hugging Sai. I wont give my son to anyone! The men pace worriedly. Anna’s SIL tells Anna that Fakir Baba is still outside. He wants to speak to you and Mai. I tried to dissuade him but he wont agree. He keeps saying that you two are bind by a promise. Anna’s brother says there was no such promise. I will send him away. Anna stops him. Let’s hear him out first. He tells his SIL to call the Baba inside. Mai shouts from inside again. I wont give my son at any cost!

Fakir Baba man says we cannot change the destiny. Your son is born to help the world. The one who can take the first step will be the one who can change the universe for good. First step is sacrifice.

Sai leaves fruits outside every house.

Somacharya says Fakir spoiled our plan and you couldn’t do anything. Mukhiya says I could have hurt the Fakir myself but I dint as I saw sympathy in the eyes of a villager for Him. He is an old man after all. People couldn’t see Him thus. This would have made them rebel against us. Somacharya hopes this wont hinder their plan of cutting the trees. Mukhiya says I have a solution to that. I have called men from nearby villages who will cut the trees at night. Fakir can hug them all He wants at night. He can get killed in the process. What do we care? They both laugh.

Sai nods at Mai who shouts against it. I don’t understand any of this! Fakir Baba says you do understand how to live by your promise. Try to remember what you had said while asking for a baby from Panchmahabut. Anna gets tensed as he recalls their promise. Mai remembers it too. She cries helplessly. I wont give my son to anyone. He is still a kid! He can do whatever He wants when He grows up. I haven’t even spoken to Him to my heart’s content yet. He dint utter a word for 8 years. He has just started talking. She breaks down. Fakir Baba asks the family if they still think of Him as a kid. Is what you have seen till now not enough? They remember the moments they have witnessed in the past.

Anna requests Mai to ask Sai once. What does He want? Mai repeats that He is just a kid. We are responsible to decide what’s good or bad for Him. Sai tells Mai that He must go. Everyone is shocked. Sai says you know it too which is why you are so restless. This is my destiny. Don’t stop me. She hugs Him and cries. I won’t let you go. Sai wipes her tears. Kids can never be away from their parents. They stay together as love and blessing. Mai says you have started talking big things. Sai comforts her.

Mai opens the door. Sai hugs Anna. Mai tells Sai she won’t stop Him from leaving. You can leave in the morning though. You will stay with us tonight as our son. Anna nods and so does Fakir Baba. Sai agrees as well. Mai hugs Sai and cries silently.

Everyone is crying in Dwarkamai.

The ladies look on as Sai plays with Anna and his brother.

The news about Sai leaving the village in the morning spreads in the village.

Mai tells Sai she might be feeding Him with her hands for the last time. I pray that you never miss out on a mother’s love. Hope you get a mother’s love in one form or another in this life. This way I will feel that my love is with you.

Baizama cry. I couldn’t understand it till date what power pulls me to Sai so strongly. I realize it today that it was Mai’s love. Ashavaan ji nodes. It remained with Sai forever. Entire village was sad to know that Sai will be leaving tomorrow.

Mukhiya ji and villagers decide to stop Sai from leaving tomorrow morning. He has brought this village to life. He has brought so much love and harmony between us. We will do anything that we must so as to stop Him.

Mai caresses Sai’s head as He rests his head in her lap. Anna and Mai cry while looking at their son.

Next morning, Sai wakes up and finds Mai sitting in the same position and still patting His head. She offers to help Him get ready but He politely requests her to make kheer for Him instead. She heads to the kitchen.

Ashwaan ji says the request was more for Mai’s sake. He wanted Mai to find happiness in doing one last thing for her son.

Mai feeds kheer to Sai. He wipes her tears. She cups His face sweetly. They hear commotion outside and go outside to check. Villagers have gathered outside. They request Sai not to leave them. Kids apologize to Sai for teasing Him earlier. Please don’t leave us. Sai hugs them. I never took it to heart but I must go now. Mukhiya ji says this village needs you. Sai says this village needs unity. The day you learn to be with each other and raise your voice against injustice, you wont need me or anyone else then. His family members hug Him one by one. Mai asks Sai if He must leave. Let me cook for you. He denies. I must go now. She is worried as to what He will eat but Sai tells her that Mother Nature will take care of Him now. How will that mother let me be hungry when you dint? I just need your blessing. He touches her feet. She hugs Him. Sai takes her leave. He touches the feet of Fakir Baba who blesses Him. Everyone folds hands as they both walk away. Sai’s family breaks down.

Precap: Fakir Baba notices Sai meditating. He decides to go alone to bring alms but then finds Sai outside waiting for him. He looks back and notices Sai still in prayers inside.

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