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Scene 1
Saksham recalls Gopika making him wear the watch. He looks at her video and smiles. Gopika comes. She brings his tea. Saksham hears music around. The song tumhain jo mene dekha. He smiles. Gopika says Saksham? He holds her face. Saksham’s alarm rings. Gopika is confused. He looks around. Gopika says is everything okay? I got your tea. What were you doing? He says there was music? She says what music? Saksham says nothing. He says oh God what was I doing. What is happening with me. Saksahm drinks the tea.

Aashi says to Nikhila I made kheer for you. She says what do you want? Aashi says I will start my business. Give me 2 crore. I wanna start my eggs business. Nikhila says I can give you 5 crores. Just answer one question. Do we eat eggs? She says no we are vegetarian. She says then how can we do this business? Aashi says I didn’t think that. Nikhila says then start thinking? Come to me next time with all the answer. She says eat this kheer so your brain starts working.

Scene 2
Saksham looks at Gopika. The music plays again. Saksham says Gopika.. He says what are you doing? You sound like maa. Nikhila says it’s me. I am have been talking to. Gopika isn’t here. Are you sleepy? He says nothing ma.. Where is Gopika? She says there. He sees Gopika reading the newspaper. Saksham says Gopika you’re reading news paper? He sees her everywhere. Keshap says what happened? Minal says you called your dad Gopika? He says nothing. Where is Gopika? Minal says in the kitchen.

Saksham collides with gopika. All the flowers fall on him. He says let me check.. He touches her and says are you Gopika? Gopika says what happened to you? He says I don’t know myself. I was seeing everywhere. My heart beats so fast. Gopika laughs. He says why are you laughing? Chiragh pinches him and says it’s me. Something solid has happened. Saksham says what? He says the one that starts with L. You’re in love. Saksham says what? Shut up. Chiragh says you are in love. You see her around. You hear the music. I will tell you what to do. He says don’t tell your bhabhi.

Scene 3
Chiragh tells Gopika Saksham loves you a lot. She says you are joking. Chiragh says he sees you everywhere. He will propose to you soon. Gopika says you are joking. She comes to the room and smiles. The song hansi ban gaye plays. Gopika looks at Saksham. She hears music too. Saksham says you are not Gopika. You are Chiragh or maa right? SHe says I am Gopika. Gopika says Saksham ji.. Nikhila says it’s me. First he thought I am Gopika and now you thought I am Saksham. what’s up She asks where is he? Nikhila says there. Gopika sees two Sakshams. She says Chiragh said Saksham felt the same. She comes to her room and smiles. Gopika sees a letter frmo Saksham. She reads it. Saksahm says, I want to say something. I feel something I can write it. I want to experience it with you. I want you to come downstairs tonight. So I can tell you what’s in my heart.

Scene 4
Saksham plans a date. He hears someone coming. Saksahm says I thought we are misfit. We are not made for each other You became Radhika and helped me with everything. Without even telling you. I love you a lot. I can’t hide it anymore. I love you. Priya comes in. She says I love you too Saksham. Saksham says you? He’s shocked. Gopika comes there. Priya says I told you I will come back. She gives him an injection. Saksham faints. Gopika is coming there. Priya says faint fast before she comes.

Episode ends

Precap-Priya says sign these papers. He says what is this? Priya says divorce. Saksahm says I won’t sign it. She says you would if it risks Gopika’s life.

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