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Salim tells Rihana he knows what he is doing. She asks him if he is sure. You told Apte ji that you will visit him tomorrow. Have you forgotten that Sai has called you tomorrow morning? You have to give your share for bhandara in morning. Salim tells her to go in his place. Sai tells him against it. Salim greets Sai. Sai reminds him that He had told the Mukhiya of the family to give their share. Are you backing out of your word now? Salim denies. I will come tomorrow. Sai tells him that He will wait. I did imagine that you will be lost in work. You have to make 150 blankets. I am sure you will finish your work on time. Salim assures Sai that it will be done. I had a word with Jhipri and few other people. It will be finished on time. Don’t worry. Sai leaves. Salim is in a fix and wonders what he should do now. Rihana asks her husband if he dint lie to Sai. Salim denies. It wont take much time at Apte ji’s place. He has to do Lakshmi pujan as well. I will go to Dwarkamai directly from there.

Next morning, Sai lights a diya in Dwarkamai and prays that all the darkness is cleared from everyone’s life. Everyone is gathered in Dwarkamai. Sai asks if everyone has given their share. Mhalsapati ji nodes. Everyone has given their share. Srikanth shares that everyone except Salim has donate. Shyama seconds him. Mhalsapati ji suggests that they should start cooking as they have ample ingredients now. Sai denies. Nothing will be cooked until Salim gives his share. Keshav reasons that everyone will have to wait if Salim Kaka takes time. Sai tells him to go to Salim’s house if he wants everything to happen on time. He must come here himself to give his share. Keshav nodes and leaves.

Salim brings his gramophone to Apte ji’s place. His assistant shares that the food is ready. Apte ji nodes. He asks Salim to have lunch with him. It is such an auspicious occasion. Let’s enjoy food first and then we will hear music. Salim nodes. They sit down to eat.

Sai continues to wait for Salim. Shyama tells Sai it is getting late. How would 1 fist of grain matter? I think we should start cooking now. It wont create much impact even if Salim comes now. Sai insists that they won’t start without Salim’s share. Mhalsapati ji wonders why Sai is being stubborn about it. Why keep everyone hungry because of one person? Sai remarks it is a sin to keep everyone hungry. He asks Tatya to bring his chakki.

v remarks that he cannot wait to hear music anymore. Salim says you could have told me. We could have played it while we were eating. Apte ji’s assistants are confused.

Sai starts grinding. Villagers look on in confusion. Mhalsapati ji wonders why Sai hasn’t added wheat.

Salim puts the tape and starts the gramophone. Music starts but the tape stops when Sai stops grinding in Dwarkamai. Salim and Apte ji look at each other in confusion. Salim checks it but he cannot find anything wrong with it. Sai keeps looking ahead. Salim puts another tape. Is it broken? v asks him if he dint check it before coming here. Salim replies that it was working fine till yesterday evening. Apte ji tells Salim to check it. I am sure you can fix it. Salim shares that he got it as a gift. I don’t know much about it. v is irked. He ate all the good food and sweets but doesn’t know how to use it. He taunts Salim to also know how to use and fix expensive things. Salim says I will get it fixed. He begins to go when Apte ji’s assistants mock Salim. Having something expensive doesn’t mean he is better than us. He is like us only. Salim vows to get the gramophone fixed at any cost. Sai looks up.

Salim reaches home. Rihana tells him to take the grains to Dwarkamai. You left in a rush but now you can go. Salim shares that his gramophone isnt working and she is talking about this. I wont be able to go there today. Keshav says Sai is waiting for you in Dwarkamai. Salim gives the grians to Keshav. I must get my gramophone fixed immediately. Keshav reasons that it can be fixed in either Bombay or Pune. Salim is taken aback. The cost of repair will be high. How will I pay for it? He decides to use the advance received for the blankets to pay for the repair. Rihana and Keshav are taken aback. They ask Salim to come for bhandara which irks him. What if I miss bhandara once? I have to make preps to go to Bombay too. Rihana tells him to go to Dwarkamai first. Do everything later. You have my swear. He relents. Keep my gramophone inside carefully. Don’t touch it till the time I am back. He leaves with Keshav.

Salim reaches Dwarkamai and gives rice to Sai. Sai says you came too late. Salim says I had some urgent work. I am going now. Sai asks him if he will come for bhandara. Salim apologizes. I wont be able to come for bhandara as there is a lot of work. People are also visiting our house frequently. I wont be able to come to Dwarkamai for a few days as there is a lot to do. He leaves. Keshav says this story looks similar. A gramophone had separated me from you and now it is separating Salim Kaka with us. I spent the punishment by staying away from you for 7 years. I am worried that Kaka might not have to spend a punishment like that. Sai remarks that it is not the mistake of gramophone. We end up giving too much importance to things over human beings. That is our mistake.

Saim is worried about his gramophone and the expenses that he might have to bear to get it repaired.

Sai and villagers start cooking.

Salim comes home and finds Ali and Rihana using the gramophone. Salim tells Rihana that he had warned her not to let anyone use it while he is away. What if it breaks? Ali tells him that it is fine. Salim is surprised to hear the music. Why wasn’t it playing earlier?

Precap: Salim makes a cover for gramophone. Rihana asks him why he doesn’t have time to make the blankets if he can make this. He agrees to make them tomorrow after reading the morning Namaz. Ali comes home from mosque and shares that Abbu dint come for Namaz. Salim inaugurates some place and they all sit down to enjoy the music. Sai looks on.

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