Sanjay and Paragi’s marriage is fixed

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The Episode starts with Paragi getting shocked seeing the broom falling on Nutan. She apologizes to Nutan and says I didn’t see you. Nutan says you did a big mistake, mistakenly. Sanjay comes there and says it was an accident. He says I had poured hot tea on you and you couldn’t walk properly, and I used to apologize to you for a month and you had said that it was an accident. He asks her to forgive Paragi. Chanda asks them to come inside. Nutan asks who is she? She is drenched with sweat and tells that she will not bear if anything more wrong happens. Chanda gets worried. Sanjay holds Paragi’s hand and says I didn’t think even in my dreams that anyone can be so beautiful. He says lets elope somewhere, leaving this rasam. Paragi smiles and goes. Chanda introduces her family members and asks them to have the sweets. Nutan smells the sweets and says we don’t eat vanaspati ghee sweets. Parashar says it is 100 percent pure ghee sweets. She says we have to free Sanju and he has to study for UPSC. Parashar says I pray for both Paragi and Sanjay, and says she will walk with him. Pandit ji comes there. Nutan asks Chanda to get the kundali. Pandit ji checks the kundalis. Sanjay tells that they will give everything and asks him to take the mahurat. Pandit ji tells about two mahurat. Sanjay says earliest date, while Paragi says after holi. Nutan thinks they shall delay the marriage and says they shall get them married after holi. Parashar says their exams will be over by then? Sanjay says we can study together etc. Abhay says their doubts will be cleared. Sanjay convinces them for earliest marriage date. Nutan agrees. Parashar asks Paragi to bring shagun envelope from his almari.

Sanjay goes behind Paragi and gets romantic. Paragi falls in his arms and he holds her. Pehli nazar plays……Nutan makes Paragi wear the dupatta. Shiva says it is more grand than Katrina’s dupatta. Nutan says you are getting related to Pathaks and tells that it is pure gold work. Shiva tells Paragi’s destiny is good and taunts Chanda. Parashar tells Nutan that the bride shall wear mayka’s clothes for all the rasams. Nutan tells that they want Paragi to look like Pathak bahu. Sanjay says it is chosen by me as Paragi will look beautiful in it. Nutan then makes Paragi wear a heavy necklace. Paragi feels suffocated. Nutan tells Paragi that her head and voice shall be low. Chanda asks Paragi to follow Nutan’s advice. Sanjay says if you have given all the gifts then I have brought a gift for Paragi. He makes her wear tiara. Paragi smiles. He says the girl is every parents’ princess and she shall be assured that she will be princess after marriage too, and her respect will never be less. He says he brought crown for her, to make her head high. He promises her that he will never let her head down. Parashar takes off the bad sight from them with the money. Someone from the shop comes and calls him. Sanjay thinks I shall help him. Servant informs Parashar about the big order for the maha puja. Sanjay says I will deliver the stuff immediately in my car. Parashar says we can’t let you do our work. Sanjay asks if I am not your son. Parashar gets glad to have grand son like him. Paragi comes there and tells Sanjay that she is lucky to have him. He says you are praising me after a lot of time and asks for a kiss. Paragi says Sanjay and is about to go. He pulls her closer. They have an eye lock.

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