Sarkar tries to instigate Supaan against Sai

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Gayatri gets tired while running and stops.

Supaan and Uma continue asking everyone about Gayatri but no one has seen her.

Gayatri looks at Sai’s sketch. I am leaving the house as I trust you. I don’t know where I am headed and what I will do there. Wherever you will take me now will be my destination!

Supaan and Uma request Bheeva and Chandu to help them find Gayatri. They all start looking for her.

Gayatri reaches jungle while trying to avoid being caught. She hits her head on a branch while running and passes out. A man is seen nearby.

Gayatri wakes up and finds herself in a house. She is startled to see the man in the house. He tells her not to be afraid. I brought you here as you had passed out. How are you feeling now? Gayatri remains silent. He smiles. You wont tell then. It is okay. Have this medicine. You will feel better. She does not take it or say anything. He narrates a poem about how they will end up fighting if she wont drink this medicine. You will study if you drink it and recover soon. She smiles. It is a beautiful poem! Do you write too? He says I like hearing them more. She offers to say a few but he asks her to have medicine first. She refuses. Aayi has taught me not to take anything from strangers. He tells her that she is right. Let me tell you about me. I am Madhusudhan, a vaid. I visit jungle often to look for medicinal herbs so I stay here only. I saw you unconscious on my way to jungle today so I rbought you here. Do you know me now? She nods and drinks medicine. He offers to drop her home. I will hear your poems on the way. She gets startled. He asks her why she stands up every now and then in shock. It is your home only. Gayatri replies that she does not want to go home.

Supaan and Uma reach home. Supaan’s mother asks them about Gayatri. Uma breaks down. She dint tell me anything. Why should she tell me when I couldn’t help her! No one in this house is actually thinking about her happiness. She cries. Supaan tries to calm her down but she blames him for the situation. She kept begging you but you dint pay heed to anything that she had to stay. You were so eager to throw her out of the house that she has left on her own now! Supaan is shocked. How can you think that I wanted to throw out my daughter? People get upset when they are blessed wiht daughters. I had celebrated her birth. I love her just as much as I love my sons but I do not have the courage to change the societal norms. I am her father. I am doing it for her good only. Should I kill myself now? Will you believe me then? Sarkar comes there.

Madhusudhan says it isn’t right for kids to stay out of their house till so late. Why don’t you want to go home? She remains silent. He asks about the man in the sketch. He looks shrewd. She tells him not to say anything against Sai. He is like my Guru. H is sure Sai must have asked her to leave the house. Gayatri disagrees. Madhusudhan says He must have said something which prompted you to leave the house. It is wrong. She shares that it is her parents who want her to get married at such a young age. This is the reason why I ran away. I wont go back now. Madhusudhan says you finally told me why you left the house. Till when will you not return? She replies that she wont go till the time they have a change of heart. He asks her if she has thought how she will do it. She shrugs. I don’t know it yet. He asks her what she will become after getting educated. She shares that she wants to do social service like Sarojini Naidu. He asks her how she will help others. She says I don’t know that yet but I will do it. He asks her if she will solve it by running away like this. Running away is not a solution to anything. Gayatri says it is only my mother who would be concerned for me for the right reasons. Everyone else is just trying to get rid of me. Madhusudhan asks her if she thinks Sai will be happy after knowing that she has run away. Gayatri says I came here after trusting Him only. He made a promise to me that He will give me wings to fly in the sky. Madhusudhan says what’s the point in flying by hurting your loved ones. Will your Guru want that? Gayatri tells him not to confuse her. I wont listen to your advise. I am not going away from my loved ones for forever by hurting them. I have decided not to go back till the time Sai fixes everything. I am sure He will. Madhusudhan asks her if she has thought how much hurt her family would be. You don’t care how much your aayi must be crying right now. I am going to feed fodder to the cows. Eat something by the time I come back. I will take you home then. Gayatri is in thoughts.

Sarkar sympathises with Supaan. Supaan asks him why he is concerned for his pain when he is an ordinary person. Sarkar says you live in this village. It is my duty as a Mukhiya to help you find your daughter. She is the daughter of entire Shirdi. I will use all my resources to find her. Supaan says I will be forever grateful to you if you can do that. Sarkar says I am genuinely concerned. I had seen land for your home and shop already. You would have been wealthy by now if you hadn’t fallen in that Fakir’s trap. I have heard that He hasn’t been seen in Shirdi since 2 days. Do you know that? Supaan denies. What are you implying? Sarkar says Fakir wanted your daughter to study further. He is missing since 2 days and now your daughter is nowhere to be seen as well. Supaan tells Sarkar he has faith in Sai. He will never misguide her. it is true that He wanted Gayatri to study but He dint know that I am going to fix her marriage. You can say anything but Sai has nothing to do with it. Sarkar smiles. I knew that you will say this. Come and see for yourself if you don’t trust me. Supaan agrees to go with him. I will go with you to prove that Sai has nothing to do with this. Sarkar agrees.

Madhusudhan comes back in his hut but does not see Madhusudhan there. He smiles as he looks at the fruits. Ram ji has made a strange thing called childhood. It wavers negatively and positively in seconds.

Gatayri is in tears. Where have you hidden my Sai, God? I am looking for Him. Please send Him back soon. I am sure He knows what I should do to get out of this problem. She stops as she gets tired while walking. She is surprised to find herself coming back to the same temple even when she takes a different route. It happens again and again. She asks Sai to help her. I have lost my way. Madhusudhan says I have come to show you the way only. She looks up in confusion.

Precap: Srikanth ji tells Supaan not to fall in anyone’s words. He will come. Supaan nods. Sarkar continues to instigate Supaan. He wont come. Baizama says Sai hasn’t gone anywhere. He is right here! Sarkar is taken aback.

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