Sasural Genda Phool 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishan Gets Titli Arrested

Sasural Genda Phool 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Titli stops test drive car and says salesman that his boss will be very impressed with his idea. Salesman goes to get cold drink. Titli drives car away. Ishan notices her and follows her in his car. Titli stops car and goes to buy cold drink and when she returns, she doesn’t find car keys. Ishan offers her keys and says and says she made progress from suitcase thief to car thief. She says its her car. He says let us decide in police station and takes her to police station where he asks inspector to arrest this girl as he caught her stealing a car. Inspector ignores him and continues his work. Titli asks Ishan to speak loudly and herself asks inspector to file Ishan’s complaint. Inspector scolds him to stand aside till OC sir comes and files his complaint. Titli tries to walk away. Ishan stops her. She says she is going to washroom. He says every thief says same and escapes. She sees a man whose briefcase she stole and returned file complaint and confronts him that he got back his suitcase and is complaining wrongly. Ishan asks if she stole that man’s briefcase. She says that’s none of his business. Drama continues. OC enters and asks Titli if she needs punishment again. Ishan asks him to file a complaint. OC asks constable to put her behind bars and punish her. Ishan asks to just arrest her and not punish. Titli leaves with constable winking at Ishan. Ishan fumes.

Dr. Avni visits Kashyap house to treat Dadaji. Family introduces her to Dadaji as their neighbor. Anvi starts conversation with Dadaji and asks if she can call him Dadaji. Dadaji jokes. She asks if he likes to listen songs on radio. He says he loves old song and dislikes new pop songs. Anvi says even she likes old songs. He says is of his era. She says he can’t enter her era, so she entered his era. A song plays in radio. He remembers watching that movie with Daadi on their wedding anniversary and enjoys samosa, faluda, chips, etc. Daadi gets emotional hearing that. Badimaa consoles her. Anvi discusses her findings with Badimaa and Rano. Ishan walks in and identifies Anvi as his old college friend. They mingle well. Badimaa and Rano rejoice seeing their bonding, inform Ishan that she is Dadaji’s new psychiatrist Dr Avni. Ishan insists Anvi to have coffee with him. They both discuss about Suhana. Youngters joke seeing Ishan getting along well with Anvi.

Rani notices Badimaa sitting sadly and asks if she was thinking about Suhana. Badimaa says it has been years since she left, but she cannot forget her. Rani says Ishan must be remembering Suhana more. Badimaa says even Suhana was worried that Ishan wouldn’t forget her easily. Rani says soon there will be happiness in Ishan’s life and consoles her.

Next morning, Titli disguised as a traffic constable fines vehicle owners. Back at Kashyap House, family taunts Ishan during breakfast. Rano questions about Titli. Ishan says he sent her to jail. Rani suggests to bring her home and let her care for him. Ishan fumes. Inder says they will get Ishan married to a girl whom they see first. Meethi jokes if they will get Ishan married to a flower girl. Ishan feels more irritated. He leaves for office and seeing Titli as traffic constable confronts her. Titli says she is constable Meena Gomti. He says he saw her stealing. Titli threatens to putting him in jail. He warns not to act. She says she is Titli’s twin sister.

Precap: Ishan suggests Titli to stop stealing.
She reverts back saying its her talent and steals his wallet. He determines to get his wallet back from her at any cost as it has Suhana’s photo.

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