Sasural Genda Phool 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishan Chases A Thief

Sasural Genda Phool 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan notices a girl throwing firecrackers at mob and stealing money from them. He holds her hand and stops her. She frees herself and runs. He follows her. She tricks him and hides. He thinks if she was a girl or magic. Girl thinks how will she escape now. At home, Daadi and whole family discuss why girl’s family rejected proposal when they liked Ishan so much earlier and were behind them for this alliance. Rano says she feels Ishan must have done something. Ishan questions people if they saw a girl. They ask if he is searching a girl. He say she is a thief. They ask how does she look like. He says she looks jhalli/overintelligent. A man says even his wife is overintelligent. He describes the girl’s features. Girl/Titli steals dress from a tailor shop, changes her dress and walks in front of Ishan. Ishan doesn’t identify her. She steals his kerchief, returns it, and walks away greeting him bye. Ishan stands confused.

At Kashap family’s Brew and Binge bakery, Ilesh and Rani attend customers. A customer complains that they fixed a dog’s photo instead of his wife on his wedding anniversary cake. Wife demands divorce. Rani notices Ilesh exchanging pic by mistake and apologizes customer. Ilesh offers a complementary red velvet cake to customer and handles situation. On the other side, Titli meets her kid friends and teaches them robbery. Her thief friend returns and asks why did she leave midway. She explains what happened. He says his boss removed her from team. She says she will be her own boss now.

Ishan returns home. Whole family barges on him and confront him for badmouthing about Nikita’s family and cancelling alliance. He rejoices in mind and acts. Family says he didn’t do right. Rani with Ilesh returns home scolding him for incurring losses by giving complementary cake to client. He says its Mangesh’s idea to make customer happy. Inder gets tensed that they will barge on him now and use them as punching bag to vent out their frustration and tries to escape, but they both catch him and start arguing with each other. Disha calls him and acts as her boss. He tries to leave from there, but Ilesh and Rani don’t let him go and continue their argument. After sometime, Ishan searches his wallet. Rano brings halwa for him. He tastes it and says something is missing. She gets angry. Ishika walks in and says she will eat halwa. Rano herself finishes halwa and walks away. Ishan finds his wallet. Ishika requests him for money, but he denies. She walks away complaining. He looks at Suhana’s photo and gets emotional.

Titli is sound asleep when her alcoholic father walks in silently and tries to steal money. She wakes up and catches him red-handed. He denies and says he came to check on her. She confronts him. He says she will be Delhi’s #1 thief soon. She confronts him for not letting her study and ruining her life and letting his son study instead who left him to rotten. Father says his son will return soon for sure. She hits a broom on floor and shouts at him to get out. He runs away. She feels sad while Ishan feels sad on the other side. Jo Mangi Thi Dua.. song plays in the background.

Precap: Ishan notices Titli stealing a bag from a car and follows her. She hides, but he catches her.

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