Sasural Genda Phool 2 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Titli Fools Ishan Again

Sasural Genda Phool 2 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan goes for jogging when a girl acts a spraining her leg and falling down. He helps her sit. She asks if he is Ishan Kashyap. He asks how does she know. She says she watches him jogging daily is his big fan. Ishan says this is not done. She says she is Mansi. He sees Inder and runs behind him. Inder gets tired and stops. Ishan asks if he knows this girl. Inder denies at first but then agrees and says he sent Mansi to meet him. Mansi starts her jokergiri and says she has 3 favorites hobbies in life, fitness, fitness, and fitness. She shows her gymnastics and then insists him to watch her dance. He somehow escapes and reaches home where Rano vents out her anger for still taking care of him and insists him to marry soon. He denies. She walks away fuming. Ishika suggests him to settle down soon.

Ishika heads towards office in his car when he sees Titli stealing a briefcase for a car and runs behind her. Titli escapes again after a lot of jokergiri, leaving Ishan frustrated. She reaches her adda and gets happy seeing jewelry in it, but then feels guilty seeing a wedding card and via her friends Nimbu and Mirchi returns suitcase to its owner. Owner rejoices that his daughter’s wedding is saved by some savior.

At home, Alok fumes on Rano that family finds girls for Ishan who rejects them and girls’ fathers humiliate him. Inder returns home fuming and explains what Ishan did. Ishan returns home fuming that he will not spare that girl. Family gets excited hearing about girl. Rano asks if he finally got a girl. Inder jokes he blackened his back. Ishan continues frowning. Badimaa offers him tea. Ishan relaxes and praises her tea. Badimaa says Rano prepared it. Rano laughs on Ishan.

Titli gets her boss Deva bhai’s call who orders to meet him right now. Nimbu and Mirchi discuss that Deva bhai will slap Titli for sure. Deva bhai threatens his aid to return stolen money and shoots at him. He hears an old son on radio and gets sad remembering his dead wife Paro. Titli walks in. He asks when will she return his money and why did she return the jewelry bag to its owner. She says even he would have returned it if he found out that it had someone’s wedding jewelry and groom would have become devdas like him. Deva calms down. She walks away rejoicing that she escaped this time.

Back at Ishan’s house, Daadi complains family about Dadaji’s dementia. Family laughs and informs that they have taken a doctor’s appointment who will check Dadaji as a neighbor. Titli drives test drive car and drives far away. Showroom employee requests her to stop as they have come far away. She says her husband wants to gift it and continues driving thinking she wants to steal it. Employee says he will get her a cool drink and then he will drive car back to showroom. She agrees. Ishan notices her in car and follows her.

Precap: Ishan takes Titli to police station and asks inspector to arrest her for stealing a car. Inspector leaves her. Ishan returns home and finds his old friend as Dadaji’s doctor. He later catches Avni stealing disguised as traffic constable. Titli says she is Titli’s twin.

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