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The Episode starts with Gajendra asking Badi maa to say, or else shall I say. Gajendra says Aarav has questions in his mind, I shall speak to him. He sits beside him and holds his hand. Aarav takes back his hand. Gajendra says time has come to take the decision, and says two decisions will be taken, one decision shall be taken by the elders, and other decision is you will take it for yourself. Simar looks at the girls’ pic. Badi Maa asks Aarav if he will have any objection if she takes decision of his life. Aarav laughs aloud. Badi Maa asks what is the reason for your laughter. Aarav says I couldn’t stop myself, when you said that you will take decision of my life. He asks what is different. Badi Maa asks him to say. Aarav says only you take decisions for everyone’s lives here. Badi Maa says it was your decision to marry, the girl whose pic came with you in the newspaper, I agreed for that girl’s alliance with you, she was Simar Narayan. A fb is shown. She says it was your decision to refuse to marry her. She says it was your decision to like Reema and wanting to marry her. She says bride was swapped on the marriage day and it was your decision to bear her for a month, you wanted her to divorce her after a month. She asks him to check himself and says all the decisions were yours. She coughs. Aarav gives her water being worried for her. She drinks water. Badi Maa says all your decision was yours, I have seen the world and was going in right decision, but your father asked me to give a chance to you. She says I agreed for all your decisions and asks what he would like to express to the world, that I am your guilty, your badi maa is guilty. Aarav folds his hand and sits on his feet. He is about to hold her hand, but she takes back her hand. He holds her pallu and says you are not guilty, but my destiny which played a big game for me. He says I didn’t know that one month will force me to change my life decisions, I am trying not to break, but. Badi Maa wipes his tears and says I want to take a decision for you.

Simar thinks Aarav ji has taken the right decision and thought right like always. She says he shall move on and asks God to give her strength so that she can select life partner for him with full honestly, and says Sandhya Maa shall not think that I have forgotten my responsibility. She looks at the girls’ pics again.

Badi Maa tells Aarav that she has decided for his second marriage. Aarav keeps hand on his mouth. Badi Maa says decision is mine, but the girl will be chosen for you. She says you have to respect my decision. She says you will remarry anyhow and you will thank me for my decision one day. She asks Gajendra to come.

Reema informs Vivaan that girl’s family is coming today for Aarav’s alliance and asks him to stay at home. She says after this testing time, everything will be fine and Aarav and Simar will be happy. Aditi says everything is wrong and says nobody understands love here. She says the world is enemy of love. Vivaan says Badi Maa is not the enemy and says you are wrong. Aditi asks if his second marriage decision is right. Vivaan says yes. Aditi says you have raised your voice infront of all for your love. Vivaan says it was my childishness. Aditi asks if it was a mistake. Reema says our way was wrong. She says Vivaan used to love me before, but I loved him after marriage and says now our relation are stronger as we have respect and trust between us now. She holds his hand. Vivaan looks at her. Aditi says you both understand love well, but couldn’t take stand for Aarav and Simar. Reema says if kids want sweets all the time, then mother don’t let him eat it, as it will become poison for her. She says Aarav and Simar are not right for each other, if they unite then the two families will be burnt. She asks her to understand. Aditi says I won’t be convinced. Reema says that’s why your love is incomplete, you have mistaken then and even now. Aditi goes from there.

Aarav calls Simar. Simar sees the call. Indu asks Simar if she has kept the plates. Simar keeps the phone on the table. Aarav looks at the girls’ pics on his table and throws it. He gets angry and says why you are not picking your Aarav ji’s number. I want to talk to you once, and don’t want to create the scene in your neighborhood and want to break the promise given to my family. He says call me once.

Samar knocks on the door. Simar looks at her phone ringing. Samar says take your time Sandhya helps Aarav get ready to meet the girl and her parents. Gajendra says they have come and asks Aarav and Sandhya to come. Reema serves juice to Mitali’s parents. She asks her if she would like to have coffee or tea. Mitali says tea. Badi Maa refuses to take anything and sees Aarav coming downstairs with his parents.

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