Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Reema and Roma coming to Samar’s room and dance around him. They congratulate him for the wedding. Lalit and Vivaan also congratulate him. Reema asks him to cancel his work today as his roka will be today with Simar. Samar says today. Lalit says we shall not do it then. Samar says lets do it and tells that he is in a hurry to start life with Simar. Reema and Roma tease him. Vivaan hears him surprisingly.

Gagan comes to Simar. Simar says I have taken a decision, everyone is happy. Gagan says everything is wrong and goes. Aarav breaks the things in his room, while Aditi tries to handle him. She asks him to calm down. Aarav says my Simar can’t do this with me. Badi Maa is standing outside and hearing him. Aditi says even I can’t believe that Simar bhabhi can agree for this roka and says something somewhere is wrong. Badi Maa calls Reema and says marriage date shall be fixed with roka. Reema says everything will happen as you thought, and says first invitation will come to Oswal mansion. She asks her to trust her. Badi Maa says ok and ends the call. She says I can just trust your greed. She says the girl who can use her sister for her advantage, can’t be loyal to anyone.

Roma tells Indu that she will take time to get ready for marriage. Indu says ok. Reema asks her to tell the marriage date so that they can do the arrangements. Indu says first roka shall happen. Reema takes the clothes for Simar and Samar. Simar is sitting infront of the dining table and coughs. Samar gives his water. Simar takes it. He says thank Simar, and asks her to have strength to support him. He says I haven’t told you about me, and says once I take a step, I won’t back off and won’t let the other person back off too. He says if you show any attitude, then I will take you to the mandap myself. Reema comes there and tells that she brought twinning outfits for them. He says why? She says the couple that matches are the match made in heaven and says you both are made for each other types. He says Jai ho. She asks them to wear them and come down. Samar asks Simar if she is ready or shall he hold her hand. Simar turns his face. Samar asks her to get ready and says our Jodi looks good. He goes.

Reema tries to make Samar have laddoo. Indu says his stomach will burst. Roma asks how is he feeling? Samar says it is like a dream. Lalit asks him to share the happiness with his family. Samar says I don’t have any family, I am alone. Gajendra and Sandhya come there. Gajendra says who told that you are alone. Indu greets them. They congratulate Indu. Samar touches his feet. Gajendra says don’t say that you are alone, you are like our son. He asks where is Simar? Indu says she is in her room. Avinash comes to Simar’s room and sees her ready. Avinash recalls seeing her as the bride during her first marriage. He comes inside and says you are looking like an angel.

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