Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avinash asking Samar if he gave slipper to Simar. Samar says yes. Avinash asks if she is in the room. Samar says yes, and says he is feeling sleepy, says they shall sleep. Avinash says he will meet her once, and shall talk to her. Samar says let her sleep, she must be tired. Avinash insists and goes to her room. Samar goes behind him. Avinash says she is not here, you said that she is in the room and asks where did she go? Simar comes there and asks what happened? Avinash asks Samar said that you both went to drink milk and asks if she is fine? Simar says yes. Avinash says sorry. He says I thought for once, if you had broken my trust, but I was wrong and says we are lucky that we got such a daughter who never breaks our trust, and says sometimes I get surprised to see you. He says it is not easy to move on, but you did and says our courage is increasing due to you, we are proud of you for keeping our respect and prestige. He says thank you and blesses her. Simar says I want to tell you something. Samar says I won’t let you say and says I am villain for her, as I made her run and broke her slipper. He tells Simar to let him rest now and sends Avinash to his room.

Aarav is still on Simar’s terrace and says you would have given me a chance to explain myself. He says sorry Simar. Simar says sorry Papa, I don’t want to hurt you and will never do, but I can’t stop myself seeing Aarav and gets dragged. She says today I asked him to go keeping stone on my heart. She thinks how he will go down, the pipe is broken. She dreams that Aarav fell down from the terrace while stepping down. She shouts Aarav ji and runs to the terrace. She asks him to come up. Aarav says if you are not angry with me? Simar says no, I am not angry. He asks will you listen to me. Simar says yes and asks him to come up first. He is about to climb up, but the iron support comes out of the wall and he falls down injured. Simar shouts Aarav ji. She shouts Aarav ji. He looks up and says she has gone. Simar runs and her dupatta catches fire. Aarav comes to his car. Samar sees Simar’s dupatta on fire while she is running. He runs behind her. Aarav comes to his car and thinks she didn’t come to see me and says it was my mistake, that I hurt her so much. He says I am sorry Simar. Simar comes to the road and sees blood on the ground. She thinks where did he go? I shall go to him, he is hurt. Samar sets off the fire on the dupatta with his hand. Simar says where is Aarav ji, he is hurt?

Sandhya says don’t know why am I feeling strange and asks Mata Rani to keep her Aarav blessed and don’t let any trouble come on him. Badi Maa comes and asks what happened? You are praying so late at night. Sandhya thinks she can’t tell Badi Maa and tells that she saw a bad dream, and that’s why thought to light diya to calm down my mind. Badi Maa says you did right. Sandhya sees the diya about to set off and holds it, asking don’t let anything wrong happen.

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