Shanti’s maun vrat brings trouble to mishra family

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The episode starts with Mirza doing household chores, mopping floor, and complains that he is tired and cannot work anymore. Sakina scolds him that she is not his servant to work and orders to hire one more maid along with Paro. He prays god that she should also have maun vrat/fast of silence like Shanti. Sakina hearing that scolds him to dare not think of that. Mirza shivers after bathe and asks Shanti to give his pajama. She laughs silently and signals that its drying on terrace. At night, Mirza asks Ashiq to close the shop and dare not take out money from locker. He then asks Mishra if he wants to sell pan whole night or return home with him. Mishra says lets go home. Bittu walks in. Mishra thanks him for his recipe after reading which Shanti took maun vrat. Mirza also requests for similar recipe. Bittu demands 500 rs from him as usual. Mirza hands him over 500 rs and asks to give some sold recipe to shut his wife’s mouth.

Next morning, Shanti is busy performing tulsi plant pooja when Brij seeks his newspaper as he cannot perform his ADLs without it. She signals its in his room. He gets confused and asks if she wants him to sleep again. She continues confusing him and finally brings news paper. Guddu and Adi ask breakfast. She signals again and confuses them. They finally understand she means lauki/bottle gourd halwa and say she confused them so much just for a lauki halwa.

Mirza prepares tea for him and Sakina and mixes Bittu’s given powder in Sakina’s tea hoping she loses her voice with it. She insists him to have tea with him and takes his tea cup instead. He insists to take other tea cup, but she says this will increase their love. He stands silently shivering nervously. She insists him to have tea. He says he is feeling cold and drops tea cup. She asks if he is fine. He says he is feeling feverish. She says she will bring thermometer for him and walks away. He thanks god that he didn’t drink spiked tea.

Brij returns from funeral and calls Shanti to iron his kurta. When she doesn’t answer, he thinks of ironing kurta himself and gets an electric shock trying to plug iron. Shanti walks to him and asks what happened. He says he got electric shock from this plug and warning her to be careful goes to call electrician. Mishra walks in next and asks her to iron his kurta. When she doesn’t respond, he walks towards electric plug when she stops him and signals that he will get electric shock, but he doesn’t understand and gets an electric shock. Later, children complain her for serving tinda sabji daily and demand to order pizza. She denies. They emotionally blackmail and convince her to order pizza. She calls pizza center and signals, but telecaller doesn’t understand her. Adi suggests her to order online and pesters her with choices. She orders 100 pizzas worth 20000 rs by mistake and is unable to cancel order. Adi says now only papa can help as he needs to pay. He calls Mishra and informs him about pizza order worth 20000 rs, leaving him shock.

Precap: No precap.

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