Sherlin finds out the truth regarding Preeta’s pregnancy

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Sonakshi mentions the Luthra family would always believe that Preeta can never be pregnant and she had already bought the nurse, she also sent her to the friend in Lonavla who also said the same thing to her, but Karina bua ruined everything as she thought that she would throw Preeta out of the house but she did not do anything, she scolded her but then Rakhi and Karan came to support and even Karina then also took the support of her, she was then giving her the tablets because of which she will never be able to conceive and the video which Sherlin made was the one in which she was giving her the same tablets, Preeta walking wonders where are the reports and she thinks of talking to Sonakshi as she was the only one left, Sherlin is talking with Sonakshi when she sees Preeta coming and gets scared, Preeta falls so Sherlin goes out and Sonakshi also comes, Preeta says that she was talking about some reports so Sonakshi replies that Sherlin found them in the dancing stage and she was comi ng to give them to her, Sonakshi thinks how she managed to change the reports when Sherlin was walking outside.

Rishab and Karan both wonder where the reports might have gone, Karan sees Preeta walking so explains he feel she might have gotten them, Rakhi says that Rishab should arrange more parties like this one, however Rishab leaves saying that he will come back later.
Sonakshi is in the kitchen preparing the juice for Preeta when Sherlin is standing in the kitchen door, Sonakshi exclaims she feels Sherlin is only looking for her, Sherlin question if Sonakshi has forgotten that she has her videos, Sonakshi replies she is sure Sherlin would never reveal her truth to the Luthra’s because she has also made some videos, Sonakshi shows Sherlin the video in which she is with Prithvi at the night of Diwali, in which she is making him eat the sweets with so much, so if she shows the video in which she is the villain then she will also show the video in which Sherlin is the villain, Sherlin replies Sonakshi has said the truth and she will not interfere in her matters, Sonakshi leaves exclaiming that it is all good.

Preeta is standing in the balcony and is really worried, Karan coming asks if the reports have come, when he goes through the reports, Karan is relived exclaiming everything is in order, he however asks why is Preeta so tensed, she replies that she thought after the doctor said that there is also a pregnancy test in the package, she felt from her heart that it was good they are getting the pregnancy test and she felt something good will come out, she might be able to be a mother in the future but she has even lost that hope, she starts crying when karan hugs her exclaiming why is she crying for such a small thing, he replies they have become parents as Pihu is their child so why is she worried, Preeta replies that she desired to give Pihu and younger brother or child, Karan replies this means she is trying to imply that he is not giving her enough time, Preeta replies that he always does this when Sonakshi comes with the glass of milk, she requests Preeta to have it, Karan also asks he r to drink it, Sherlin standing in the corner thinks Karan doesnot even know that he is indirectly helping Sonakshi, she leaves when Sonakshi turns to leave, Karan asks what is she doing in this house when she is healthy, Preeta asks him not to talk like this, Sonakshi thinks a women has a lot of disguises and the most dangerous is a mad lover, she will surely get karan for herself.

Sonakshi is walking when Sherlin is standing in front of her, Sherlin explains that a mad lover came to their house before, but she was not able to get Karan, Sonakshi replies it was because no one is as clever as her, she leaves Sherlin.

Karan and Preeta are standing when she exclaims how beautiful is the sky looking, Karan looking at her exclaims that indeed she is really beautiful, Preeta exclaims she was talking about the night when karan says that he only cares for her and wants to live a happy life with her, Preeta tries to leave but he stops her, she questions why does he do this as he even came to her in the morning when she was sleeping with Pihu, Karan in anger asks her to not talk about the morning as she left him alone, Preeta questions what is he saying as he was a grown man yet Pihu is a child who was sleeping alone, she thought of being with her so went to sleep, Karan replies he doesnot feel right when she is not with him, there is a loud noise of the crackers. Karan makes Preeta promise to never talk about pregnancy again as they both will live a happy life together.

In the morning Rakhi is preparing the table when Karan comes with his kit, he is in a hurry to leave, Preeta stopping him question why is he taking his suit, Karan replies it is because he has a meeting after the practice as some people have overburdened him, Rishab explains he would have done it himself, Karan asks him to not say anything as he knows Rishab has three meetings and a video conference but must not act as if he does all the work, Rishab explains he likes when karan plays cricket and he is the one who cheers the most for him, Karan exclaims it is his passion but Rishab insists that it is a profession, Preeta asks why are they both fighting but rather should sit down and have the breakfast, Karan insists on leaving so Preeta stopping him starts to zip his jacket, Rakhi praises Sherlin for bringing the juice so asks her to serve Rishab while she will call Mahesh, Sherlin immediately stops him scolding Ganesh saying that she asked him to serve this Papa jee as it has mushrooms while Rishab jee is allergic to them, Ganesh apologizes when Sherlin serves him the sandwich.

Karan asks Preeta what has gotten into Sherlin, Preeta replies that it is a matter between husband and wife so why is he getting jealous, karan says he is not jealous but worried and leaves.

Rishab explains that Sherlin makes bad food but when she does it with good intention he eats it, she asks if the sandwich had high salt, she apologizes assuring she will take care of it in the future. Preeta sitting beside Rishab jee asks if he thought about what she said, he replies that Sherlin assured him there is nothing like that, Preeta wonders why she should try to harm the trust between them both, so she explains that she has also seen the concern and love which Sherlin has in her eyes for him, Rishab replies he also saw it and feels it is a good change.

Precap: Sherlin instructs the person to do anything he wants but must make sure Prithvi is released, Rishab is standing in the back, he heard everything, Karan exclaims that people tend to be a in a relationship before getting married but they got married then fell in love, Preeta prays that their relationship remains like this forever, Rishab standing thinks that Prithvi’s truth came out and now it is the turn of Sherlin, she walks out of the Luthra Mansion while Rishab follows her.

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