Shiva and Raavi realize their love

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The Episode starts with Shiva making Raavi wear the ring. Shehnai….plays… Raavi cries happily. Everyone claps. Shiva and Raavi see each other and smile. Dhara says just you can hold Shiva’s hand. Gautam gives Raavi’s hand to Shiva. He asks them to stay together forever and not give stress to Dhara. Raavi and Shiva take Suman’s blessings. Krish jokes on them. Dev says they are both unique. Rishita says like us. Krish says Shiva, go and change, we will dance. Everyone dances on Kamariya song….

Shiva and Raavi dance. Suman looks on. Later, Dev comes to his room. He hugs Rishita. She asks what happened, you are getting love on me today. He says I just want to love you. She asks are you not angry. He says no. She says it means you will take a bath from geyser water. He says I can’t compromise my principles. She says you don’t love me. He hugs her and says I love you a lot, my charm is such. They fall on the bed and laugh. Raavi smiles seeing the ring. She recalls Shiva.

Shiva comes and smiles seeing her. Zindagi ne ki hai jaise….plays… She thinks what’s this feeling, why do I feel peace seeing this ring, don’t know what is Shiva thinking. She turns and asks Shiva are you here. He hides. She says he didn’t come to me, I can go to him, I will understand if he has the same feelings. Rishita asks when are we going to Goa. Dev says there is much work, we can go later. She says we can take some break. He says but store responsibility is on me, is your decision final. She says yes. He worries.

Raavi goes and sees Shiva sleeping. She sits near him. She says why am I so happy, he is my monkey, do I love him. Shiva hears her and acts sleeping. Something falls. Suman comes out. Shiva pulls Raavi. They hide under the bedsheet. Suman says no one worries for me, they didn’t give me water. She goes. Shiva asks Raavi to run to the room fast, else Suman won’t leave them. Raavi runs to the room. He smiles. Dev says I have to tell you something, promise me, you won’t get angry. Rishita says tell me first. He says I booked the Goa tickets to win the competition and later returned it. She beats him. He says calm down, I promise I will take you there. She says I have to go next month. He says it will be expensive. She says I don’t care, end of discussion.

Suman says sleep now, I will show my anger tomorrow. She goes to her room. Raavi and Shiva see each other and smile. He says what am I feeling for Raavi, my heart beats for her. They sleep. Dhara shows the delivery date. She says we will get our baby on this date. Gautam prays for the baby. They talk about their baby. She says I wish Raavi also gets a baby. He says they need time. She says you always supported my dreams, not today, is there any affair. He says don’t start that again. He asks her to see the beautiful night. He says love you Dhara and hugs. She says we should keep a function at home, we will sing and dance. He says I was thinking, its not needed. She says three months completed, I am so happy. He worries and hugs her. Its morning, everyone knocks the door and asks Suman to open the door. Everyone worries. Dhara says break the door. Gautam, Shiva and Dev fall inside the room. They get shocked.

Dhara gets dizzy. She faints down. Gautam shouts and runs to her. Doctor says Dhara’s fetus didn’t grow, her life can fall into danger. Everyone gets shocked.

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