Swara Tricks Again To Win Competition

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak tries to escape from hospital balcony. Gehna stops her. Kanak requests her to get her out of jail somehow and reminds that she sent her to jail for family’s safety, but her own sister is trying to ruin her family. Gehna says Swara will be punished for her sins. Hema meets Sagar and giving him snacks requests to not take Kanak’s name as his partner in crime. He denies. She says for the sake of rakhi. He agrees and says if she doesn’t get him out of jail, he will says she is also his partner in crime. She gets tensed.

Competition’s next round starts. Hema joins back. Kusum gives a chit to Swara, but she throws it away. Host explains rules and asks competitors to blindfold themselves, taste the dish, and explain its ingredients. Kusum thinks Swara must have read ingredient chit. Gehna purposefully loses competition. Another contestant Kavita wins the round. Gehna congratulates her. Anant asks Gehna why did she lose when she is cooking champion. Gehna stands silently. Host announces next round in 10 minutes. Kusum thinks why Swara didn’t write down ingredients and questions her. Swara says she threw it. Kusum says chit has next round’s details. Swara searches chit and finds it in front of Baa. She in lieu of taking Baa’s blessings picks chits and reads next round’s details.

Host announces next round to pick cooking utensils they need most. All contestants rush in and pick utensils. Swara snatches cooker and pan from another contestant. Gehna is left with only an earthen pot. Swara laughs thinking Gehna is a fool to pick an earthen pot. Host asks Gehna why she picked only an earthen pot. Gehna explains its a universal utensil for Gujratis in which they can prepare chawal, khichdi, daal, sabji and reversing it even rotis, a complete Gujrati thali. Everyone praise her. She says she learned it from her mother whom she used to watch preparing food in a single pot and determined to become like her mother when she grows up. Kusum gets emotional hearing that. Everyone clap for her. Host announces Gehna as winner.

Host announces next and final GK round and as expected only Desai bahus qualify for final round. Swara reads chit and answers questions excitedly. Kusum thinks her trick worked. Host says looks like Swara knows answers from before. Swara nervously says she is a graduate and read all subjects. Baa tells other judges she knows who is the winner. Swara presses buzzer before host could complete question leaving everyone confused. Host says let him complete question. Swara gives answer excitedly. Round finishes. Baa counts Swara and Gehna’s points and says they both scored 4 points each. Host says its a tie then. Baa says only 1 can be a winner and she knows who it is.

Precap: Baa says each bahu showed her talent and she found Swara having all the qualities of best bahu, so she is the winner for this competition.

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