Swara Tries To Create Differences Between Anant And Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gehna during party tells Anant that Baa is still angry and hence didn’t attend party yet. Anant shows Baa and Bapuji coming and says mom’s anger is gone, he knew Bapuji will convince Baa to attend party. A guest asks Hema where to keep juice glass. Hema jokes to keep it on her head and then asks Kusum to keep the glasses aside. Swara gets angry and says she wants to break this glass on fatty pumpkin’s head. Kusum says they will later, but now its time to beat the drums and signals at Gehna. Panditji calls everyone for aarti. Gehna asks Baa to perform aarti. Kusum says its time to take over this house. She holds aarti thali with Baa and performs aarti.

Swara dances sensuously on Mai Ghani Bawari Hogayi… song, leaving Desai family in disgust while Kusum smirks. Baa tries to stop her, but Gehna stops her. Baa asks if this is her sister for whom she was fighting. Gehna says now its her turn and stops Swara. Kusum thinks now Swara will burst her anger on Gehna and tries to take Swara from there. Gehna stops her and asks Swara to apologize everyone with folding hands. Swara asks for what. Gehna says she started dancing during aarti, she went against her family and let her stay in her house, but she insulted her family by insulting their culture. Baa says she already warned Gehna not to let her uncultured sister in their house, she questions Kusum’s wrong upbringing asks Swara to apologize all her guests with folded hands. Swara calling her oldie warns to keep her mouth shut. Gehna warns Swara to behave with her Baa. Swara warns that she will break Gehna’s hands. Kusum holds Swara’s feet saying she got devimaa on her, pleads her to calm down and forgive her children. Swara starts acting. Gehna asks what is happening. Kusum says her daughter gets Devimaa on her whenever she attends pooja and takes Swara from there. Bapuji tells Baa that she thought Gehan went against her, but Gehna can go against even her sister or anyone else if they are wrong.

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