Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Saksham gets drunk

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Scene 1
Gopika does jagrata with everyone. Nikhila asks where is Saksham? Gopika says he must have fallen asleep. He was tired. Nikhila says bring him. Gopika looks for Saksham. He’s not there. There’s a dummy instead. Gopika says where is Saksham?

Saksham gets drunk. Priya says let’s go have fun. aashi sees the dummy too. She says I need to tell Nikhila.

Priya says I miss college days. He says yes we used to have so much fun. they remember people they used to fight with and shout. Saksham laughs with Priya. She says you should always let out what’s in your heart. Take it all out whoever it’s about. Family, life, wife. She says say it Saksham. Do you want to be free from this marriage? Gopika keeps calling Saksham. Aashi comes to Nikhila and tells her Saksham isnt there.

Scene 2
Gopika comes out looking for Saksham. Nikhila and Aashi come out too. Priya says Saksham she’s your wife but I am your friend too. Saksham sees her call. He says what if something’s wrong. Nikhila asks Gopika is everything okay? She says yes. Nikhila says why is Saksham not moving then? You saw this dummy too right?

Priya takes Saksham’s phones. Nikhila shows the dummy to everyone. Saksham hears everything on call. He washes his face. He says maa will be so mad. Priya says they will kill me if they find out I made you drink.

Everyone asks where is Saksham?

Saksham comes in and says I am here. Nikhila says why were you not there? Saksham says client called. I had to take it. Minal says you could tell. He says everyone was busy. It was party, I went to US to shower. Chiragh says what? What are you saying? Mr. Modi says are you in senses? What joke is this? Nikhila says look at me Saksham. what are you saying? Gopika says he must be tired. Nikhila says are you okay? He runs upstairs. Aashi says Gopika is lying. Nikhila says she only saved her husband. Don’t tell us who’s right or wrong.

Scene 3
Gopika looks for Saksham. He’s not in the room. Priya throws the dummy. She says to Saksham now relax. I know you had fun. I can see it. He says you’re too much fun. You were always like this. Thank you. Thank you for coming back to my life. Priya smiles. She hugs him. Saksham hugs her and says I am glad you’re my best friend. Gopika sees them.

Scene 4
Gopika comes to Priya’s room the next morning. She says I want to talk to you right now. Priya says I am sleeping. Gopika says I want talk right now. Get up. Baa calls Gopika. She leaves. Priya says what did she want to talk about? She reads letter, I know what’s between you and Saksham. Your game is over. NO one can save you now.

Priya says who wrote this letter? Can’t be Gopika. She can’t write. Saksham gets up with a hangover. He recalls last night. Gopika brings his breakfast. Gopika says I want to talk about last night. He says I can understand. It was too much. I don’t wanna talk about it. Let me get fresh.

Episode ends

Precap-Saksham cooks with Gopika. She cleans his face. Gopika says I hope we keep making our relationship strong.

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