Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Nikhila gets breathing issues

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Scene 1
Saksham asks where is my office bag? Priya says here it is. She says it looks like we are a couple going from the same house to same office. She says joking. Saksham says stop your comedy. Gopika says did you sleep well? You slept on the floor. He says I slept very well, I really liked your idea. I used to hike and track a lot so I am used to it. Priya says okay you shy we will go later. Saksham says stop it Priya. Gopika says I packed the lunch for both of us. He says both? She says I was thinking I should go to office with you. We will have lunch together. Priya says wow Saksham you’re so lucky. She cares so much for you and you had a meeting with client at lunch. We will do it later. gopika says no don’t cancel your meeting. We will eat later. Priya says give this food to a poor person.

Nikhila comes and says Saksham I don’t want you to go to the office. It’s Gopika’s birthday today. You should go to orphanage and distribute the clothes in kids. Saksham says I have an important meeting. Nikhila says Priya will handle it. He says I have to be there. Nikhila says do it tomorrow then. Nikhil coughs. Gopika says are you okay? She says smoke caused irritation. Chiragh gives her water adn says you are allergic to smoke and dust. It can give you breathing issues. Priya says in heart oh good idea.

Scene 2
Minal packs gifts. Aashi says this saree is so pretty. Minal says it’s all for poor people. Bring your stuff too. Aashi says she is donating such an expensive saree. Mama ji steals sarees from the basket. Aashi comes downstairs. He hides. Aashi says this is the chance to steal that saree. she looks for it in the basket. Aashi sees wheelchair marks there. She says oh I get it.

Nikhil coughs. Gopika gives her water. She says you’re not well. You should rest. Saksham says maa are you okay? Saksham says I have to cancel the meeting. Let’s go to orphanage and I will go to meeting from there. Gopika says I want to stay here with you. You are not well. Nothing is more important than your health. Saksham says she’s right. Please take care of yourself. Gopika will be here with you. Priya says to Saksham I couldn’t find the cab let’s go together. Saksham says sure. Nikhila says Gopika you should have gone with Saksham. I was saying it for a reason. Gopika says but you’re not well. How could I go leaving you here?

Priya goes upstairs. Gopika says maa ji go to your room and rest. I will get you tea. Gopika makes the tea. Gopika says there’s no ginger. I should go and get it from the market. Chiragh picks Nikhila’s spray. Priya says to Chiragh it’s too much smoke here. She replaces Nikhila’s spray. Gopika says are you okay? She says my bag fell. She says Chiragh gave this to spray in the AC. Gopika tries to read it. She says Priya.. this is a different bottle. I think you gave me something else. Priya says I have another similar bottle. Gopika says thanks. Gopika says I should do the spray first. Priya picks her spray.

Scene 3
Ramila does the laundry. Her neighbor asks how are you Ramila? She says a banker came to our neighbourhood, they give loan so women can support themselves. You just have to give something that’s not very useful to you.

Priya sprays something in the central AC. She says now you will be perfect Nikhila. Gopika will keep taking care of you. She comes to Saksham and says sorry I got late. She smiles and says plan on. Nikhila is in her room. She keeps coughing. Aashi follows the wheelchair marks. She comes outside. She says why would uncle steal saree? He doesn’t wear them? Nikhila keeps coughing. Chiragh also feels irritation in his eyes. Aashi says my eyes hurt. She comes to Uncle’s room. She can’t see. He says my eyes are hurting too. Gopika comes to the house. Her eyes hurt too. Gopika says what is this smell? Where is everyone? Nikhila coughs in her room. She can’t breathe. Chiragh and Aashi also feel sick. Gopika comes to the kitchen and says no one is cooking.

Piya is on her way with Saksham. She switches off his phone. Gopika says what’s happening. I don’t get it. Nikhila screams Gopika.. She can’t breathe. Nikhil faints. Gopika runs upstairs. Nikhil faints. Gopika is shocked to see her.

Episode ends

Precap-Gopika picks Nikhila and gives her water. She calls the doctor. Gopika runs to the hospital to get the doctor.

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