Tera Mera Saath Rahe 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gopika saves Nikhila

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Gopika runs upstairs. Nikhila is fainting. She says get spray for Chiragh. Gopika comes to Chiragh and says spray.. He says my eeys are burning. Gopika runs to Nikhila and gives her water.

Priya is on her way with Saksham. She says no phone no help. Gopika calls Saksham but his phone is off. Gopika says his phone is off. Nikhila says window.. Gopika opens all the windows. Gopika turns off all the ACs. Gopika falls. Her elbow bleeds. Gopika says maa ji you will be fine. Gopika keeps calling Saksham. She says let me go to the hospital and get the doctor.

Scene 2
Priya says everyone will suffer. Saksham says what? She says our journey is going good. It can be suffer you don’t have a good partner. I was very alone but you’re not alone. YOu have Gopika. Why are you silent? Are you alone too? Don’t you and GOpika love each other? Gopika runs on the road. She goes to the hospital and says call the doctor it’s an emergency. Priya says I am sorry. I made a mistake. Saksham says We shouldn’t say anything related to Gopika for your jokes. She says you are so truthful. I always understand you.

Gopika knocks on the doctor’s door and says I need you. Please come with me. She says my husband is the doctor. Gopika says my mom is not well. Please come with me. His wife says it’s my birthday. Gopika says my mom’s life is in danger. Gopika puts a knife on her and says come with me. The doctor says I am coming. gopika says sorry I had to do this fo rmy mom.

Scene 3
Saksham checks his phone. He says my phone is off? How? He sees Gopika’s missed calls. Priya says she must be calling. Saksahm says no maa wasn’t well. I have to call her. He calls Gopika. Gopika has left her phone with Nikhila. Saksahm says why is she not picking now. Priya says she must be busy with house chores. Saksham says no my heart says something has happened. I need to go home. Gopika brings the doctor home. He checks Nikhil. Gopika says is she okay? The doctor says we can’t say. Nikhila opens her eyes and says Gopika. Gopika says how do you feel? She says okay. Gopika asks the doctor to check Chiragh adn Aashi too.

Saksham comes home. He says maa are you okay? The doctor says she’s fine now. You should thank Gopika. She brought me here on right time. Nikhila says that’s my Gopika DIL. The doctor says I thought she is your daughter. She dragged me out of my house. You arella lucky to have her. Saksham says thank you Gopika for saving my mom. Gopika says our mom. Priya says how did it happen. Gopika says something is wrong with the ACs. Priya says yes there’s some smell. She says you sprayed AC freshener in the morning Gopika. Come let’s check.

Scene 4
Ramila wears funky clothes. Tejal says you look like christmas tree. Ramila says I got modeling project. They will take my photos. Hitain says what is happening? Ramila recalls getting the loan. The man said if you don’t repay we will take your DIL’s hair and resell it.

Gopika says this bottle is what I sprayed. Priya says this is other bottle. Did you spray this by mistake? It must have hurt everyone. Gopika says no I sprayed this one. Saksham says show me. He says it must be a mistake. Gopika says I sprayed the one Chiragh got. Priya says I think she mixed the bottles by mistake. Chiragh says where did they other spray come from? Priya says I gave you my pepper spray by mistke. Gopika says I returned it to you. Saksham says then how did it spray in the AC Gopika?

Episode ends

Precap-Priya says can you read the bottles? Gopika tries to read. Gopika says to Chiragh everyone has to suffer because of me. I will learn English now.

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