Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Krisha steals Ugra’s necklace

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Scene 1
Ugra says I am asking the last time. Who came to my room. She says to Jaya that necklace was stolen from my room. Jaya says I gave it to Krisha. Ugra says I kept it safe in my room. She asks who came to my room? Ramchand says I don’t know. Jaya says who would steal in this house. Ugra says I will find that person out. Kirsha says U have to go out. Ugra says how can you leave?Krisha says I’ve nothing to do with all this. Ugra says why are you trying to leave? Krisha says why are you doubting me? UGra says no one can leave until I find the if. Krisha says now you see how I get myself kicked out. Krisha says you can’t stop me. Devraj says what is happening? Ugra says my necklace is stolen. Devraj says you know the one who steals gets kicked out of this house. Ugra says I will check everyone. I will start with Krisha. Krisha says why me? Ugra says you are middle class here. Krisha says go and check my room. It was mine anyway I gave it to you. You should consider my favor. I am the princess here. I donated that necklace. Why would I steal it. Naina saysmind your language. Ugra says now I am sure you have it.

Ugra says give me this bag. Krisha says I won’t. Jaya says give it Krisha. Krisha says why would I give my bag. Ugra says give it to me. She takes the bag. The necklace falls from it. Everyone is shocked. Ugra says our servants never stole and she did. Will you do the justice now Devraj? Will you kick her out now. Kach says you could ask us for the money.She says this is your thief DIL. Krisha says don’t call me thief. how can you prove? Rati did you see me coming out of her room? Rati says I did. Urga says you’re caughter. We can’t live in this house with a thief. Jaya says stop creating so much drama. Ugra says it’s about our family name.

This is the theft. This is the if. Will you do the justice now or will you forgive her? Or JAY? Will you stand with the truth? Kick her out. That’s what we do to the thieves. Krisha says I can go home now.

Devraj says Krisha won’t go anywhere. She will stay here. Ugra says she stole. Devraj says she didn’t. She did what’s Rathore house’s ritual. Minakshi says what? He says this necklace is of the DIL. This necklace was maya’s and will always be hers. Krisha is my wife now. THis is the justice. Krisha is shocked and angry.

Scene 2
Ugra says how could Devraj do this. We underestimated this Krisha. Naina says we will trap her so bad she will have to leave the house.

Rati says to Aarav I saw Krisha myself. Aarav says there’s something that we don’t know. She’s planning something. It’s not simple. We can’t see something. Rati says we should keep our eyes open. We have to keep an eye on her. Aarav says I will always be there for Krisha and take care of her.

Devraj comes to Krisha. He says you can’t step out of this castle. You think I didn’t tell you anything. I told you I won’t let

EPisodeyoDevraj says start walking in these heels. Krisha says I will always be Krisha. I won’t be forced into this. Devraj calls Vishwanath and says how are you? Krisha wanted to talk to you. He gives the phone to Krisha. Krisha takes the phone and says how are you? He says how are you my daughter? She says I am fine. Where are mummy and pinky? Is everyone okay? He says we are all okay. There is a big news. Yash says we got our first order. We got our first payment too. Krisha is shocked. Vishwanath asys is everything okay? Krisah says yes. I will talk to you later. Devraj says see.. they have invested all money in that order. They will lose it if they lose this order. So wear these heels now. u go away from me. Krisha says what do you want? He says for you to become Maya. Krisha says you are making me prisoner. Devraj says you can’t fool me so don’t act smart with me again. Do as I say.

Episode ends.

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