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scene 1
Dev talks to Virendra and says that Sudha has given laddoos to Krisha. Virendra says we will take care of Krisha and baby.

Dev brings laddus for Krishna and says Sudha has made these for you.

Raghav finds some laddus which Dev had left. Ugra stops him and says that these laddus are full of poison. Raghav says I forgot. Ugra tells Jaya that your work is done. Rati hears all this and is shocked. She runs to save Krishna. Dev is about to feed Krisha laddus but Rati takes him away. Rati tells Krisha that there is poison in the laddoos. Dev comes there and asks what happened? Krishna says Jaya mixed poison in my laddu because I exposed Vamika, she is Vamika’s mother. Jaya cries and says she keeps accusing me. Dev looks at Krisha and says I have full faith in Jaya. Krisha requests him to listen to her. Dev yells at her to stop. He eats laddoo and says I am fine, Jaya can never harm you. Krisha gets stunned and says you should not have eaten that. Suddenly Dev starts coughing and spitting blood. Krisha rushes for first aid but Ugra locks her in the room. Virendra tries to save Dev but Jaya pushes him away. Jaya asks Dev if he is in pain? Dev gets stunned and says you did this to me? I took you as my mother, trusted you blindly but you did… Jaya remembers her family burning in their small house. She tells Dev that you are not my son, my son was the one who was killed by your father. I will take my revenge by killing you today. God is breathing. Jaya thinks I waited for years to take revenge on Dev but why am I not happy to see Dev dying today? Why do I feel that if something happens to Dev, I will lose my right as a mother? She recalls her memories with Dev. How he always trusted her. Vamika reaches there and sees Dev lying there. Vamika says you took revenge today. I will take care of Krishna. She takes out a gun and asks Raghav to bring Krisha here. Ugra goes and captures Krishna. She brings it to Dev. Krisha pleads to save Dev. Raghav asks Krisha to sign the papers first. Krisha is about to sign it but Jaya stops her. Jaya tells Krisha that she doesn’t need to sign any papers. She says I was so blinded by my vengeance that I could not see that if I lost one son I got another son. He loved me like his mother but what did I do? I gave him death, he never doubted me. I won’t let him die. Ugra says what is wrong with you? Should I tell you about your truth? Jaya says you can say whatever you want but I want to save my son. She tells Vamika to leave Krishna and Dev, we will go far away from here. Vamika shouts as if she has lost her senses? I sacrificed a lot for this moment, you said we will kill them and own all this property. I will kill Krishna. Jaya stands in front of Krisha to save her from Vamika. Ugra forces Krisha to sign the property papers. Jaya tries to stop them but Raghav slaps her. Jaya gets shocked, Krisha walks up to her. Jaya calls for protection but Raghav says there is no one to save you. He slaps her again and Jaya falls down. Dev wakes up and catches Raghav, he says how dare you touch my mother? Dev strangled Raghav. Jaya asks him to leave. Vamika takes the gun and points towards Dev. Jaya says don’t do this. Vamika does not listen so Jaya takes out her gun and shoots Vamika. Vamika dies in front of them. Everyone is shocked. Jaya apologizes to Dev and says you always took me as your mother but I could not be a good mother. Dev hugged him. Raghav calls a doctor.

After 9 months, Dev and Krisha return home with a baby boy. Dev says Krisha has brought a new life in this house. Gaj says let’s take a selfie together. Dev asks where is Jaya Maa? Meenakshi says that she went on a pilgrimage. All family members take photos

The show ends.

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