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The Episode starts with Hansika taking Purab inside and tells that she wants to confess that she wants to salute him for all his efforts. She says I have heard Thapki and your conversation. She says I heard Jaya aunty and your conversation too. Dadi asks Thapki if she had food. Thapki says no. Dadi asks her to call Purab. Hansika says I understand that you took Thapki’s responsibility due to your promise to Jaya. Purab says I took her responsibility due to my promise to Jaya Maa and supported her against my mother. He asks her not to tell her. Thapki hears them and goes upset. Hansika thinks Thapki heard it. Purab says today Thapki and I like each other, and tells that he is not fulfilling the relation due to promise now, and says circumstances have changed too. Hansika says Thapki will not understand now, and have heard what I wanted to make her hear. Thapki recalls her moments with Purab. She recalls their hug etc. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..

Thapki cries and thinks I thought whatever I am feeling for you, you feel the same. She says I am burden and responsibility for you, which you are fulfilling it. She says the promise made to Maa, has tied us even now. She says you supported me for the promise. Purab says this thing shall not reach Thapki. Hansika asks him to trust her. Thapki says our relation was a burden. She comes out and sees Sargam, Anchun, and others dancing. Sargam asks her to dance. Thapki dances fast shocking everyone. Her slippers, earrings come out and fall down in Purab’s arms. Veena Dvi says she will ruin our respect, being the bahu of the house. He asks what happened, Thapki? Jaya says I will take her to room and will talk to her. She takes Thapki with her. Purab goes behind them, but Hansika stops him asking him not to interfere between mother and daughter. Purab thinks this matter is not between mother and daughter.

Jaya asks what is going on Thapki? Thapki cries. Jaya asks why are you crying, you are my brave child. Thapki says I am not brave, and says I am weak in your sight. Jaya says this is not right. Thapki says I know everything, that you thought me as a burden and took promise from Purab. She says you begged infront of him to take my responsibility, and says you didn’t do the right thing. Purab thinks what is going on inside? Hansika comes there and tells that there are many likes on Thapki’s video.

Sargam eats the food. Anchun says what happened to her today? Sargam tells that now she has learnt to accept herself and don’t want to impress anyone now. She asks him to bring Gulab Jamun. He brings Gulab Jamun. She says she asked him to bring it for them. Rohit calls her. Sargam says she has saved his number as Kamina Rohit. Priyanka gives juice to Preeti and says I need your help, tells that she has a doubt that he has an affair. Preeti says why will he have an affair? Priyanka says Sagar is innocent and today’s girls are witch. She asks her to save Sagar from those girls.

Jaya says I had told Purab ji, and asked for his help so that he help you stand on your feet. She says I begged him not to leave you, as you are my daughter. She asks what wrong did I do? She says Purab is having a clean heart. Thapki says you used his clean heart, and says he wants to get rid of me. Jaya says he will tell you the truth. Thapki says no need. Jaya asks her to talk to him once. Thapki says he will tell that you have forced him. Jaya asks her to talk to him once. Thapki says don’t say anything now and asks her not to tell anything to Purab about this matter, and gives her promise.

Anchun asks Sargam to pick the call. Sargam scolds him and ends the call. Anchun blocks his number. Sargam asks if he is in love? Anchun nods no. Sargam says you will get your type of girl. She is confused about Rohit.

Sargam asks Thapki why Jaya took her to room. Thapki apologizes to Dadi and says I was happy and danced happily. Dadi says no problem. Thapki says Maa felt that I should control myself. Dadi says you are like our Sargam. Sargam says you are taking stress unnecessarily. Some guests come there. Thapki greets them. The ladies praise her. Sargam says Bhai is searching Bhabhi. Thapki comes to Purab, goes to take water and drink. Purab asks if she is ignoring him. Thapki asks who are you? Purab says it is my matter and says it is my duty, I shall not leave my saas and wife alone, they will badmouth about it. Thapki says duty.

Precap: Hansika comes to her and asks her if she had confessed her feelings with Purab. Thapki asks why are you doing this, asks if she has any advantage in this, knowing my mother has taken promise from Purab. She says you know everything. Hansika says I don’t know. Thapki says why you are pushing me to confess my feelings, and asks if she wants her to make fun of herself.

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