Thapki happy as her relation getting better with Purab

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The Episode starts with Hansika thinking Thapki has failed her plan and won best couple tag with Purab. Thapki looks at the trophy and thanks Hansika for inviting her for Purab and her college union. Hansika says welcome. Purab says you are so happy to get the trophy. Thapki says my mother will be very happy. Hansika asks seriously and says you haven’t come first in school, it was just time pass for us. Thapki says this trophy is very important for me and tells that she wants to win the prize trophy since her childhood, but she couldn’t win. She says this is her first trophy and thanks Purab for their victory. She tells that they are Jodi no. 1. Hansika is stunned. Purab says you are happy, it is good and asks her to frame it and get it hanged on her bedside. Hansika thinks she has to do something before their love story starts.

Sargam and Anchun are on the bike. He asks her to pick the call. Sargam says what shall I say that my dress was torn. Anchun sees her sad. She asks him to take her. He drops her home and offers her lolly pop. She says you are roaming with it. He says he gives it to his kids, and asks her to take it. She takes it. Anchun asks Sargam if she stays happy. She says she gives all her love to Rohit. He asks if he really loves you, he keeps you hungry and fits you in short dresses. Sargam gets angry and throws lolly pop on her. Purab, Thapki and Hansika come there. They see tears in Sargam’s eyes. Thapki asks Anchun what happened? Anchun says everything is fine. Purab asks Sargam why she is wearing short dress. She says I like it and goes. Purab asks Anchun why Sargam was crying? Anchun says no, she was not crying. He goes. Purab asks Thapki to make herself and Anchun understand that he can’t bear tears in Sargam’s eyes. He goes inside. Hansika thinks she got the idea. Thapki comes inside and asks everyone if they had food. Daddy says you was worrying about us even there. Priyanka asks Thapki about her trophy. Thapki says she has won in the competition. Priyanka compares her with Veena. Veena gets upset and scolds her. Sapna says we shall for what she has won. Thapki tells that Purab and I have won for best couple Jodi, and it is given by his friends. Sapna says they have seen what we couldn’t see. Veena says it is like bought from chor bazaar. Thapki says she had not won it before, that’s why it is precious for her. Daddy asks her to go.

Sargam comes to the room and sits on the bed. She hears sound coming from the bed and finds papad under the bedsheet. Priyanka comes there and says papad broke down. Sapna says we are talking about papad. Priyanka says we had rolled down the papad and asks her to give the money. Hansika says you want to dry the papad on my bed. Priyanka says it is our house, and we can dry it anywhere, you are guest of few days here. Hansika gives her bundle of 2000 Rs. Priyanka asks her to give chiller. Hansika gives her change. Sapna says we will put this in the weighing machine. Hansika asks what are they talking about? Sapna asks her to have papad and sleep. Hansika thinks to play their band once she becomes Purab’s wife. She asks herself to relax and thinks she has to play her next trick tomorrow.

Thapki comes to the room and sees Purab shirtless. She turns her face. He asks if she forgets to knock on the door or came to room purposely to see his bare body. Thapki says I didn’t know that you will stand like this and says foolish people take bath in night. Purab says it is my body, my washroom, and my room, I can take bath at any time. He asks her to take care of his respect. Thapki says sorry, I will come knocking to the room. She asks him to wear clothes. He says he don’t want to wear and liking it. He asks her to sleep while standing and says horse sleeps this way. She says you are taking advantage of my goodness and turns her face. She sees him already worn his clothes and resting on the bed. She moves his stuff and keeps the trophy on the table. He moves all her nail polish from the dressing table and keeps his stuff there. She asks what is he doing? Purab says you have moved my stuff, now I have moved your stuff and kept mine. Thapki says it is both of our trophy. She opens the cupboard and keeps her lipstick in her drawer. He also keeps nail cutter in it. Thapki laughs and asks what is it? He smiles and says fun day. He says we shall sleep and have to go to office in the morning. She closes the door and thinks their relation is getting better and says I am sad that I have to hide a big thing from you, that Sargam has a boyfriend. She says I want to clear my doubt and then will tell something to you. She says good night.

Rohit talks to Sargam and asks if anyone goes without informing. He says he was not angry as he has to pay the bill. Sargam says it was emergency and marriage talks were going on. She asks him to meet Bhabhi. He says there is no network and ends the call. Hansika hears them and comes inside. Sargam says whatever you heard. Hansika promises not to tell this to anyone, and says you are trapped here, and the other side is Thapki. She says Veena aunty has fixed your marriage, if Thapki supports you then Veena Aunty will get upset with her. She says it is to be seen, whom she will upset veena aunty or you. She says I think she will upset you, as she has to make good relations with mother in law. She asks her to trust Thapki after a thought. Sargam asks her to keep her saas-bahu saazish to herself and says she trust Thapki bhabhi and she can’t do anything wrong with me. She says whatever she decide for me, will be good. She says before I kick you out from my room, will you leave? Hansika says I was thinking good for you, but.

Hansika goes out and thinks to do something to throw Sargam out of Thapki’s team. Anjali looks at Jaya’s pic and thinks there is some story of this pic somehow. She searches for something and thinks if it was accident that I found it. She then finds her chain and pendant and checks in the pic. She thinks Mukul is not good with me, and thinks if this woman is the reason.

Thapki comes to Sargam and asks ifs he is fine? Sargam says my boyfriend is not picking the call and my mom has fixed my marriage, and asks how can I be? She asks Thapki to meet Rohit. Thapki says ok and insists to see his pic again. Sargam shows the pic. Thapki recalls Rohit’s words and thinks that guy was Rohit.

Precap will be added in sometime.

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