Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 21st November 2021 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 21st November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purab unveils the person and its turns to be Hansika. Purab and his family gets shocked seeing her. Purab says you. Everyone claps for her. Thapki sees everything. Media people praises her voice and beauty. Thapki recalls how she collides with Hansika and she asks Hansika to not tell anyone about me otherwise Veena aunty may think I ruined her voice to take her place. Hansika says yes, Veena devi revenge is dangerous but people may doubt if singer gets missed than who will take your position. Thapki sends her to stage with her Duppatta. Purab asks Hansika when she returned from London. Hansika says it’s not time to discuss as media is around us. Priyanka and Sapna thinks they didn’t expected Hansika entry.

Sargam reaches to restaurant and scolds Anshul for lying to her about her friends. Anshul says they are fooling you and that Rahul is using your credit card. Sargam says you may stealed it from me and she warns him to stay away from her life and leaves. Purab and Hansika comes to Thapki and he asks when she returned. Hansika says I returned from London and came here seeing posters than I noticed you guys are in tension and Thapki requested me to sing so I did it for Veena aunty. Purab thanks Hansika for saving his company’s event after whatever happened with her. Hansika says I address you as my family and can do anything for my family. She hugs him. Thapki gets uncomfortable and looks otherside. Hansika smiles.

Manager tells to Purab that Media is waiting fir Hansika bites. Purab sends her than he thanks Thapki for arranging everything. Thapki says anyone can do it. Purab asks why can she take credit. Thapki says she did it thinking it as her duty. Purab asks Thapki to work with him and tells her that he offered it seeing her talent and you can learn more things from me. Thapki agrees and asks how much salary he will give. Purab smiles and Priyanka comes to them and asks Purab to come to home with Hansika so she will meet Veena aunty as she was reason for successful event.

Rohit acts infront of Sargam and fools her about Credit card than he makes her promise to help him for photoshoot. Veena cries holding her awards. Sapna comes to Veena’s door and informs her that her event got successful. Veena opens the door and asks who sang in the event. Sapna asks her to meet the person at their home. Hansika about to sit in front seat but Purab asks her to sit in the back and Thapki sits beside him. On the way Hansika asks if they are still friends. Purab says ofcourse, why you’re asking in this way. Hansika says than what about this silence and answer me where you guys went for honeymoon. Purab says he didn’t get time for honeymoon because of tight schedule. Hansika says marriage happened in different way so you guys may not get time to know each other right. Purab feels awkward and swiches in the radio.

Rahul gets his photoshoot done. Sargam pays the money without his knowledge than she thinks what to tell family as she missed the event. Veena asks who’s the singer. Priyanka asks her to see it by herself. Veena sees Hansika and gets shocked. Veena asks if she sang in the event. Hansika says no, person who sang is learn the singing from you thinking you as her idol.

Precap – Purab apologized to Thapki for entering the room without knocking and her zip get jammed than he helps her.

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