Thapki sings in the event, but Hansika takes the credit

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The Episode starts with Purab telling Veena Devi that Thapki made kada for you and tried to treat you. Veena Devi says you are very clever, first you made me unwell and now then gave the treatment. She says the event shall be canceled now and you will be responsible whatever the loss, which we will suffer Purab. Mukul comes to someone’s house and finds the door locked. He gets Anjali’s call and she tells him that Bua told her about Hansika, and asks him to come home. Thapki feels bad for making laddoo which worsened Veena Devi’s voice. Daddy asks her not to blame himself and says something is wrong surely.

Purab gets angry and tells Vinod that there is a big loss. Vinod asks since when you accepted defeat. Purab looks at Veena Devi’s pics and says Veena Records will be ruined this time, people will gossip and media will make news and our investors will lose trust on us. Thapki tells that Veena ji might be allergic to the laddoo, I should have asked before making it for her. Vinod shows the photos and says this is for the first founder’s day and asks him to see.

Purab comes to Thapki and tells that they have just 1 hour left for the event. Thapki asks how will the event happen without Maa ji. Purab tells that Maa had sang with a singer, whom she used to call as her daughter. He goes to Veena with dadi and tells that they shall call her. Veena Devi says she will not come, she fought and went from here. Sapna asks Purab to make video of Veena canceling and apologizing to the people. He says I will go and convince her. Thapki says very less time is there, asks him to reach the event and tells that she will talk to Anu. She goes to Anu and tries to convince her. Anu refuses and says Veena Devi thinks of herself. Anu asks if you are a star and asks if people stand outside for your autographs. She says you will not understand. Thapki says you can try for me atleast. Anu says I said that I want to sang alone, but she threw me out of the event. She says I have earned a name for myself now and don’t need to sing in your event. Purab organizes the stage and checks the mic. Thapki says Veena ji gave you Anu Sarangi, as she has given you this name and you are still using it. She asks her to do it for heart and asks if she can’t give tribute to her singer and says the chance which you couldn’t get many years ago, you are getting it now. She asks her to think. Anu and Thapki are coming there. Purab talks to Thapki. Thapki says we are going to the dressing room. Purab says you have no idea, how much you have helped me. A banner of Veena falls down. Thapki is about to pick it. Anu steps on it and walks on shocking Thapki. Thapki clears the banner and goes behind Anu. She asks Anu, what did you do just now? Purab welcomes everyone for Veena’s founder day. He says they have a surprise for them and asks them to wait for sometime. Anu says what should I do? Thapki says what was the need to walk on it. Anu says you brought me here, I didn’t come by myself. She asks her to post her pictures and banners. Thapki says you shall not insult Veena ji.

Anu says she will not perform until Veena requests her to perform. Thapki says she will not come. Anu says then I am leaving, let the event go to the hell. She leaves. An employee sees Anu Sarangi leaving the event and informs Purab. Purab calls Thapki, but she is busy on the other line. Thapki tells her mother that she told as she disrespected Veena ji. Jaya says whatever she did was wrong, if the event stops then…Veena Devi’s respect will be ruined. Thapki checks Purab’s call and asks Jaya. Jaya says I know other shishya of Veena ji, whom I know. Thapki asks who? Dadi asks Vinod what will happen, as the audience is getting impatient. Purab calls Thapki. The audience gets crazy and throws things on the stage. Thapki asks if this will be good. Jaya says only this student can do this event. Purab asks the audience to give them some time. He is informed that singer is walking towards the stage. Thapki comes on the stage covering her face with the veil. He says who is this singer, who is trying to help us. She begins singing. Everyone gets mesmerized hearing her. Thapki’s face is shown under the veil. She sings and recalls Jaya’s words. Fb is shown, Thapki says I can’t sing infront of people. Jaya asks her to sing hidingly. She asks her to go in veil and sing well. Thapki says ok and asks her to pray for her. fb ends. Thapki continues to sing. Everyone claps for her. Sapna and Priyanka are forced to clap. The audience insists to see the beautiful face behind the veil. Media asks her to lift the veil and says we want to know, who is the one who has given tough competition to Veena devi. Purab asks her to show her glimpse to her fans. Just then light goes off. Purab asks the lightman to check the lights. He looks at the singer and lifts the veil. He is surprised to see Hansika sitting as the singer. Everyone looks at Hansika. Hansika smiles Daddy is shocked.

Precap: Purab thanks Hansika for saving his company’s event after whatever happened with her. Hansika says I address you as my family and can do anything for my family. She hugs him. Thapki gets uncomfortable.

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