Thapki’s prayers saves Purab’s life

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The Episode starts with Veena Devi asking Thapki, how dare she to give Purab’s responsibility to useless doctors and risking his life. She asks how dare you and is about to slap her. Thapki holds her hand and says this decision is taken by his wife and it will not change. She then folds her hands and says this war is not between you and me, this is Purab’s war with his life and death. She asks her to understand that this was necessary and says if I had not done this? Veena Devi sits on the chair. Hansika looks on. In the morning, Thapki asks Nurse about Purab. Veena comes there. Nurse tells that he needs blood. Veena says she will give, as her blood will match with his blood. Jaya comes to the hospital and says she has brought breakfast for everyone. She asks them to eat. Dadi and Vinod comes to the hospital. Dadi asks about Purab. Thapki tells her something. Dadi cries. Nurse tells Veena that she can’t give blood to Purab. Veena asks why? Nurse asks her to come. She comes out and gets teary eyes. Hansika asks what happened, why you are upset. Veena says she couldn’t give blood to Purab. Nurse says her BP is high and it is danger for her. Vinod asks her to check in the bank. Nurse says O negative blood is rare and asks if anyone’s blood is O negative here. Thapki looks at Jaya. Jaya says my blood is O negative. Nurse asks her to come. Dadi asks Thapki to go to the temple and pray for him, and return with his life. Thapki says ok and goes. She comes to the temple and tells Mata Rani that she will not end her prayer, until it is fulfilled. She walks on the temple stairs sitting on her knees and diyas in both her hands. Jaya gives blood to Purab. Thapki manages to climb up the stairs and reach the temple. Her knees get injured and bleed. Doctor checks Purab. Thapki is about to fall down the small stairs and imagines Purab holding her. He says whenever you fall, I will rescue you. She says even I am doing this to save you.

Veena comes to the temple in the hospital. Hansika says she was praying for purab. Veena says you are doing so much for Purab. Hansika says Thapki is his wife, but I can do my duty as his friend. Veena thanks her and goes.

Thapki asks Mata Rani to make Purab fine. Veena tells Jaya that if anything happens to Purab then she will suffocate Thapki with her hands. Jaya says nothing will happen to Purab. Thapki says I want my husband back, I won’t let you snatch him from me. She prays and cries. Sindoor falls on her forehead and face. Purab takes Thapki’s name while on the operation table. Doctor comes out and tells Veena Devi that Purab is out of danger now. He says we had left hope for a moment, but he is saved due to your prayers. Veena thanks him and asks can we meet him. Doctor says yes, you can meet him, but he is calling Thapki since yesterday. Dadi says it is due to Thapki’s prayers that Purab got fine.

Thapki gets Jaya’s call, who informs her that Purab is fine now. Thapki thanks the God. She reaches the hospital leaving her blood stained foot impressions on the floor. She comes to the ward and find everyone standing and Purab sitting on the bed. Dadi says my house savitri has come. Thapki comes to Purab and hugs him. Purab holds her. Thapki cries. Veena and Hansika are upset. Jaya smiles and wipes her tears. Dadi says we shall go outside and leave husband and wife alone for sometime. She says lets go outside.

Sapna comes to Priyanka and reminds her about new year resolution. Priyanka says your son comes late and goes early morning. Sapna says if your dream don’t come, then Purab and Thapki will go ahead, as their relation is boiling. Priyanka says I will become no. 1 in this matter and says I will make a video call to Sagar. She says she will set the mood before he comes home. She goes to talk to him. Sapna hopes to get a grand child.

Doctor tells that Purab will be discharged in 12 hours. Dadi thanks Jaya for giving blood to Purab, and says his own blood could be of no use to him now. He says you came as Devi and saved him. Jaya says he is my damad, but I always regarded him as my son. Dadi blesses her.

Thapki asks Purab what was the need to become a hero and asks if anyone drives the car so fast.
Purab asks her not to scold him, and says if I had known that you will become soft seeing me here, then I would have come here directly. She says very funny, life is not a joke. They say sorry to each other.

Precap: Purab tells that Jaya Maa might be embarrassed due to me. Thapki says Maa got a strength due to you and she took stand for herself. She feels pain. He asks what happened? She says nothing and says she won’t let him speak for 10 days and will make him rest. He says he won’t be discharged from hospital then.

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