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Food has been cooked. Sai asks Chandu and Bheeva to call everyone to take Prasad. Nandu and his mother reach there just then and greet Sai. She apologizes for coming late. Nandu is crying since morning. Nandu blames it on her. She broke my Gilli Danda. I used to play it with my friends. His mother shares that she was fed up of it. He became so crazy after it that he even broke things at home. Nandu reasons that he said that he won’t play at home. Why did you have to break it? She reminds him that she had told him many times but he dint listen to her. Nandu calls her bad. I won’t go home with you. He walks up to Sai. I will stay with you now. Sai comforts him. I have Gilli Danda. You can play with it as much as you want. Nandu gets excited. His mother tries to say something but Sai signals her to wait.

Sai sits with the kids to complete the rangoli. Keshav, Tatya and Nandu look on. Sai smiles.

Salim and Ali are listening to gramophone. Salim recalls Sai asking the leader of every house to give their share for the bhandara and how the gramophone had stopped playing at Apte ji’s house. He thinks of Keshav’s words when he had come to take him to Dwarkamai. Rihana asks him what he is thinking. Salim says Sai calls me every now and then since the gramophone is here. It wasn’t working when I dint visit Him but it was fixed when I came back from Dwarkamai. It cannot be a coincidence. It must be His doing. I don’t know what the problem He has with my gramophone. Why is He trying to keep me away from it?

Nandu asks Sai for his Gilli Danda. Sai nodes. I forgot about it completely. He goes inside and sits down to help Ritu instead. Everyone is watching Sai curiously. Nandu asks Him why He isn’t giving him Gilli Danda. Sai replies that He does not have it. Nandu asks Him why He said yes then. What did you gain by hurting my sentiments? Sai says you have hurt your mother too. You promised not to play all the time, to study, to not play inside the house, that you will be cautious. Why did you make such promises if you cannot fulfill them? She wishes well for you. Nandu agrees. She could have scolded me. what was the need to break it? Sai replies that parents have to be strict when kids don’t understand or listen to them. Parents must push their kids away from their addictions when they don’t pay heed to them. It hurts for some time but it ends up helping the kids eventually. Rectify your mistake instead of blaming her.

Rihana says Sai might be trying to push you away from the addiction or obsession towards this gramophone. It is well known that His actions are for everyone’s good only. Salim says Sai is devoid of any attachments or status but we have to take care of it. I have told Sai I won’t be in His service for some time. She is shocked. He tells her not to look at him like that. I just want to enjoy the peace and happiness that this gramophone has brought in my life for some time. He sits down to enjoy music.

Nandu agrees to be a dutiful son. He apologizes to his mother. I have troubled you a lot because of Gilli Danda but I wont do it anymore. She wipes his tears. Sai says depending something on too much or giving up on it completely isnt right. One must maintain balance. Having something and using it in the right moderation is best. You should play as it is your age but you must also study. Nandu rues that his Gilli Danda wouldn’t have been broken if he knew it earlier. Sai shares that his mother has just hidden it. Nandu looks at his mother who nods. Parents don’t break what make their kids happy. I have hidden it only. I will give it back to him too. Nandu assures Sai that he will utilize his time to study and play equally. Everyone smiles. Sai remarks that one can mold a kaccha ghada the way they want to but things aren’t so easy with a pakka ghada.

Rihana notices Salim making something. You haven’t had dinner yet. He agrees to eat soon. She asks him what he is making that is keeping him so busy. Salim makes a cover for gramophone. Rihana asks him why he doesn’t have time to make the blankets if he can make this. Ladies must be occupied with household work too as it is Diwali. They wont be able to help us much. He agrees to make them tomorrow after reading the morning Namaz. Rihana is relieved to realize that he is still dedicated towards his work. I was worrying for no reason.

Baizama apologizes to Sai as there is a little extra salt in food today. He tells her that He finds it quite delicious. She asks Him since when He has started lying. Sai replies that Ram ji loves the lies that are said to make a mother happy. It pains when the lies hurt someone and those lies are actually believed by the one who is saying it.

Next morning, Rihana is making blanket. Ali enters and asks about Abbu. She says he must be reading Namaz in mosque. Ali comes home from mosque and shares that Abbu dint come for Namaz. She is taken aback. He hasn’t missed it ever. Ali reasons that he has done many things differently and has missed a lot many things that he has never missed before. She asks him what he means. Ali says neither Abbu nor gramophone is at home. She wonders where he must be.

Salim inaugurates a cloth shop. The owner thanks and welcomes him. Salim is puzzled at the ritual. The owner shares that this is what happens in big cities. Salim thanks him for giving him this honour. Why did you choose me though? The owner shares that people hold musical gatherings on such days. Sitar and other instruments cannot be found here. What you have above everything else. It will set the mood. Salim plays the gramophone. They all sit down to enjoy the music. The assistant / servant serves snacks to Salim. He smiles proudly. Sai looks on.

Salim comes home and notices Rihana and Ali waiting for him at the door. Rihana asks him about his plan. He shares that something urgent came up. Ali asks him if it was important than Namaz. Salim shares that he was invited to inaugurate a shop. Ali asks him how it is important. Salim tells him to keep his volume low. Don’t forget that you are speaking to your father. He heads inside. He asks them why he should miss a chance that had come knocking at his door. I only missed Namaz once. Rihana asks him how it is good when it is separating him from his Guru and his work. A person knocks at their door just then. Ramdas ji from Sakori village has invited Salim (with his gramophone) to his house for a gathering. All elite people will be there. Salim agrees to be there.

Salim tells Ali and Rihana why they don’t realize what importance this gramophone is bringing to him. Ali points out that it is also stopping him from doing things that are important. Rihana speaks of the order. Salim decides to hire some people to do this work. Neither you nor I should work now. I am getting to meet a lot of important people because of this gramophone. I wont lack anything now. He cleans it.

Precap: Ali asks Sai why He has come to collect alms at this hour. Sai asks them to come with Him and see the reason why He is here. They see an old man shivering because of the cold. Rihana asks Sai if they cannot help him in some way. Sai replies that that’s why Salim was given the order to make blankets. Only you can bring him on the right path.

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