Theft at Kajol’s house on Naina’s marriage day

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol crying and thinking how can Dr. Anurag do this with me? She hears someone coming and pretends to be sleep. Pishimaa comes there and thinks to talk to Anurag. Kajol comes to Naina. Naina says Didi, today I will go. Kajol says I wanted to give you this bond which Baba made for me. She wishes for her happy married life. Naina says all your plan flopped, you have lost Arjun and Dr. Anurag and now no rich guy is remaining to get trapped. Everyone looks at her. Kajol says think and say. Rajesh comes there and greets Chandana. He asks Kajol to bring money so that they can deposit in the bank. Kajol goes to get the money. Shreya tells that she has bought haldi for Naina. Naina taunts Shreya and says today Arjun and I will unite. Anurag is sleeping in his room. Pishimaa calls her. Dida checks the call and rejects it, thinks they don’t have any work to do, rather than calling Anurag. Shreya says last time our relatives haven’t liked Kajol’s get up so I thought to get designer saree for you. They think to handle each other in their heart. Kajol comes there and tells that money is not in the locker. Anurag wakes up and thinks to clear the misunderstanding with her. He thinks I love you so much, will come to your sister’s wedding. Rajesh says where can money go? Shreya says she can help and tells that her Papa can help them get the money through Police’s help. Naina gets worried and tells that Police shall not come in our house today on my marriage day. Shreya tells Kajol that one day marriage broke due to money and says this shall not happen again.

Anurag tells Sharmila that he is going to meet Kajol. Sharmila says Kajol is more important now, who will ask Pishimaa. Anurag says only you can understand my silence, and says nobody is important to me than you. He thinks he can’t tell her anything and says I will meet you at the marriage. Dida asks Anurag to have kheer. Anurag says I don’t have time. dida says you are changed. Anurag says I am still the same. He says I have to do some important work. He is about to tell and says Kajol. Dida says Kajol has ruined your mind. Sharmila asks him to go. Anurag leaves. Dida says I am not yet done and thinks she will make Kajol drink special kada. Apu tells that Police came. Naina says who has called Police. Kajol says I have called Police. Naina asks Chandana if she has seen, that Kajol can’t bear her happiness. Chandana says I asked Kajol to take Shreya’s help. Naina says why Maa, I am sure that it was Kajol’s idea to call Police. She asks Kajol to tell where is the money and end the matter. Pishimaa asks her to be silent. The Inspector asks them to let them do their enquiry. Chandana takes him to her room. Everyone gives their finger prints. Anurag comes there and calls Kajol. Kajol gets up and goes to him. She says you are here. Priyanka comes there. Anurag says Priyanka, you are here. Priyanka holds his hand. Kajol looks at her. Priyanka thinks it is good that Dida Maa called and told me, I can’t let them meet alone. She asks if everything is Police. Chandana says there was some problem, it will be sorted.

Pishimaa welcomes Dr. Anurag. Chandana asks Police to go from there, and says she don’t want baraatis to see the Police. Kajol tells that she will go to upstairs, away from everyone’s sight. Priyanka holds Anurag’s hand. Kajol goes. Chandana asks Lekha why did he come here with Priyanka to increase Kajol’s pain. Lekha says he is Arjun’s brother. Naina thinks she will soon leave from here. Baraat comes. Priyannka goes to dance in the baraat. She sees him going. Anurag searches for Kajol. Arjun dances. Shreya thinks I will show the tamasha which will shock you and the family. Sharmila hopes Anurag can meet Kajol. Dida says where is Anurag and that girl. Kajol is in the kitchen. Anurag comes there and tries to talk to her. Kajol says let me go. Anurag says I came to talk to you. Kajol says nothing is left between us to talk. Dida taunts on Kajol’s house and neighborhood. Priyanka thinks if Kajol and Anurag are together. Kajol asks Anurag to let her go and says my sister’s baraat has come. Anurag asks her to tell the reason and says I will not think all life why you have broken the relation with me.

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