Titli Steals At Kashyap House Again?

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Titli visits Kashyaps again. Dadaji describes his and Daadi’s love story and how they used to meet before marriage hiding from everyone. Titli asks who said I love you first. Dadaji says he directly said her I love you and even she replied I love you too Ambarnath Ji. Daadi feels shy. Dadaji continues his story. Rano serves Badimaa’s prepared chat. Titli asks if she didn’t prepare it. Rano says no. Titli says then its really nice. Family enjoys chat. Daadi forces Dadaji to return to his room and listen to his favorite radio show. Dadaji denies, but she forcefully takes him away. Rano also sends Alok to call a plumber and fix water pipelines. Daadi asks Ishan to get ready in a proper way if he is going for a movie date with Titli and asks Meethi to select a dress for him. Dsaadi asks Titli to get her specs from Rani’s room. Titli goes up.

Dadaji complains Badimaa that Daadi forcefully sent him to room and didn’t let him enjoy outside. Badimaa talks about Titli visiting them. He asks who Titli. She reminds a girl who cleaned his kurta when he dropped tea on it. Dadaji says she is very talkative like him, they both will gossip a lot. Titli says Ishan wants to marry that girl, but Rano is not happy. Dadaji says they haven’t seen Ishan smiling since a long time and is eager to watch his wedding, he will even get a suit for himself. Badimaa says he is thinking too much.

Daadi follows Titli. Titli enters Rani’s room and gets greedy looking at silver article. Ishan notices Daadi and takes her aside. Daadi tries to divert topic, but he acts angry and says if she still doubts Titli, he will take her from there. He takes Titli out and searches her bag. Titli says she didn’t steal anything. He says Dadi knows she is a thief and is doubting her. She says Daadi can never catch her red handed. He asks why was she being so good to Dadaji, she had to misbehave with him instead. She says she cannot misbehave with such a nice person, he can deduct money if he wants. Back home, Daadi takes Rano to Rani’s room and finds silver article missing. They both rejoice. Badimaa with Rani walks in and asks what are they up to. Daadi explains her whole plan and says its proved that Titli is a thief. Badimaa stands shocked.

Precap: Daadi visits Ishan’s office to check on Titli and confronts Ishan that Titli doesn’t work her. Isan says Titli is her pet name. Dadi says she said Tanya Awasthi.

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