Tulika tries to create troubles for Nima

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Scene 1
Suresh comes inside Nima’s house to look around for Tulika but she hides. She runs away before he could see her. Tulika comes out and sees Varun drenched in pain. Varun cries and says it’s burning my skin. Mania goes to bring water. Tulika says what did you do with my son? I will clean the paint from his face. Nima says you couldn’t even get the wall repaired. Suresh says your son is useless, this is your upbringing. Tulika takes Varun from there.

Kanchan comes to Shiv’s house and looks around for Mayank. She asks Shiv to not give too much attention to Mayank, he can be pushy. Shiv says I thought he was close to you so I got my manager to interview him. Mayank comes to them and says I got the job, we will be besties here from today, he hugs Shiv and says I will give the good news to my new friend Sia. Kanchan looks on.

Suresh is angry with Varun. Nima asks him to calm down. Sunita tries to turn on the TV but it doesn’t work. Nima says what happened to it? Sunita says I can’t spend time without TV. Nima says I will call a repairman. The repairman comes and checks it. He says this is an old model so I can’t repair it, you have to buy a new one. Sia gives her salary to Nima, Nima sees Sunita who is sad.

Nima buys a new TV for Sunita. She pays for it. Sunita is happy to get a new TV. Suresh tells Nima that you didn’t have to buy it. Nima says it’s her happiness so I couldn’t take it away from her. Tulika sees all that and tells Varun that soon they will run out of money then Nima will have to throw Suresh and Sunita out of the house.

After a week, Nima tells Suresh that Suman is still recovering, we have to wait a bit more. Nima tells Suresh that Mania is sad these days. Nari comes there and says I need money to buy books. Nima goes to bring the money, she gives it to her. Nima tells Sia that only 2500 is left from your salary and the whole month is remaining. We had to get things repaired. Nari says how will we survive? Suresh says I will try to get a job. Nima says you have already done a lot for us. Nima sees Mania crying and goes to console her. Nima hugs her. Mania says I am sorry, you both lost the job because of me. Nima says don’t worry about all that, things happen in life, just pray that Suman will be fine soon. Nima says we will all compromise a little bit. Suresh says we can adjust. Sia says I will walk from the office to the house. Sunita says I will try to watch less TV. Nima laughs and hugs her. Their daughters hug her too. Tulika watches them and tells Varun that I broke everything in their house to bring them at this stage.

At night time, Tulika enters Nima’s house silently. She sees everyone sleeping. She teals their money and runs away. Varun says I was scared. Tulika says don’t worry, tomorrow is Sunita’s birthday so they will have a shock. Varun says if baba finds out that you are behind all this then.. Tulika says don’t worry, I made a full-proof plan this time. I am not scared of your father. We have to bring Aaji on our side then your father will come back too.

In the morning, Nima says today is Sunita’s birthday so we should celebrate. Nima says I will decorate the house and surprise her. Sunita comes there and thinks they don’t remember my birthday. Suresh tells Sunita that I have to get her paperwork done so come with me. Sunita is sad that he doesn’t remember her birthday. Nima smiles.

The episode ends.

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