Udaariyaan 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo’s trip

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The Episode starts with Tejo asks the students to sit in the bus, and take care of their luggage. She says Tanu said one more teacher is going to come. Fateh comes and greets her. Tejo says you here…. He says come. He boards the bus. Tejo calls Tanu and asks why did you not tell me about Fateh. Tanu says sorry, no other teacher was available. Tejo says I know Fateh did this. Fateh asks her to come. She asks why do you want to do this, you want forgiveness. He says I just want to protect you. Jasmin is with someone. Satti sees her. Jasmin pays the man. She sees Satti coming. Tejo looks for a seat. Fateh comes and sits. She sits beside him. Satti asks what are you doing here, who is that man. Jasmin says he works for me. Satti asks why did you give him money, tell me. Jasmin says relax, don’t get angry, I have much money, shall I give you, which car shall I buy for you. Satti scolds her and beats. Jasmin says I have earned money by using my smartness. Satti says you will come home with me. Jasmin asks why do you care for me today, are you worried for Tejo that I might do wrong with her. Fateh smiles seeing Tejo. Satti and Jasmin argue. Satti asks her to come home. Jasmin says my life is going good without you all, I got rid of the daily drama, I don’t want to go home. Satti says when your anger ends, then you will regret, you will think of your parents. Jasmin says just wait for my surprise, then you won’t be able to pity me, you will know that I m not yours.

The students ask Fateh and Tejo to sing. Fateh refuses. The students insist. Fateh says okay fine. They all sing. Satti asks what are you going to do, what is the surprise. Jasmin says wait for sometime, you will know it yourself. She goes. Satti thinks what will she do.

Angad sits in his work. He sees Jasmin in the back seat. She says I have to talk something imp, truth isn’t seen on a phone call, I want to see if you are double crossing me by telling Tejo my plan because you love her, you might have told her to get her love. He says idea isn’t bad, if I tell her, then she will trust me and love her, she will come to me, everyone will know your truth. She says limit this to your dreams, Tejo can never be yours, she just loves her Fateh. Fateh sings Hum bewafah… Jasmin says Tejo will never love you, you can satisfy your hurting heart by helping me. Angad says yes, my surprise will be right for her. She asks is everything set for the accident. He says yes, will that man come, what’s the guarantee. She jokes. She says that man will come. He says overconfident, work on the plan. Tejo laughs. The students dance. Tejo sees Fateh. The students ask for food. Tejo says we won’t get anything here, even I m hungry. Fateh says I will get samosas. Jasmin says my surprise will shock them and then your coming soon surprise will shock them more, we will go our own ways then. She leaves.

Tejo says no thanks. The girl asks her to eat. Fateh says don’t vent anger on food, have it. Tejo eats the samosa. The bus breaks down. Satti fears hearing the thunders. Lovely pacifies her. Satti says I m worried for Tejo. The girl asks will we stay here. Fateh asks the students to manage, such unplanned things are adventurous. Tejo says he is right, we will make it the best. They clean up the place and put the tents. Aye zindagi…plays… They see each other. The students click pics. The girl says we are feeling hungry. Tejo says I just have noodles, will you have it, how will I make it. Fateh arranges a stove. He tries to ignite it. The man says I think its not working. Fateh says okay, I will go and arrange something, take care. He goes. Few guys start fighting. Tejo stops them. A guy Anuj gets hurt. Tejo attends him. She says first aid box is in the bus, its locked. She asks the man for first aid box. He says you will get it at the medical store, be careful. Satti says Tejo isn’t answering.

Rupy says network won’t be there. Satti recalls Jasmin’s words. He asks what’s the matter. She says I met Jasmin today, something worst is going to happen. Jasmin calls and says its the perfect timing, I m also here on the jungle road. Fateh gets the sandwiches. He asks where is Tejo. The girl says she went out. Fateh asks why. The girl tells everything. Fateh asks how is Anuj now. The guy says he is sleeping, but Tejo didn’t come back, its an hour now. Fateh thinks of Jasmin’s words. He says stay here, no one will go out, I will see madam and come. Jasmin says heavy rain, empty road, its perfect time, I m waiting for her, then my action will start. She says I gave you money for this, it should happen as I told you, is it clear, Tejo and Fateh, you both don’t know what is going to happen, beware Tejo. Fateh shouts Tejo. A car speeds on that road.

Rupy takes police’s help and reaches Jasmin. She gets shocked seeing the police.

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