Udaariyaan 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmin threatens Fateh

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The Episode starts with Khushbeer says everyone makes mistakes, but one who forgives has a big heart, you have a very big heart. Tejo says many times mistakes get too big that our big heart also falls short, I can never forgive Fateh. She leaves. Fateh comes and stops her. He asks what happened, did dad say anything. She cries. She says I m okay. He asks why are you crying, you know I can’t see tears in your eyes. She says you made Rupy swear not to say anything, he kept the promise, its your turn now, he asked you to stay away from me, keep his word. He says I will respect his word, I will never trouble you, but sorry I can’t stay away from you, I promised myself, I had no reason and right to live life, but life gave me another chance, I won’t let it go, let me stay around you, else I can’t live. She cries and looks at him. Tere bina….plays…. She leaves.

Tejo gets ready for college. She sees Angad with the family. Angad greets her. He says you didn’t identify me, myself Angad Mann, remember, come, we will enjoy aloo paratha. Tejo says I will have it in college, how did you come. He says I have office in Moga, you forgot. She says I m getting late for college. He says I will drop you. She says I have scooty. He says even my car misses you… Tejo ji….

Angad says listen to me. She says you are a good person, but I can’t keep this friendship, so I came back. He says you have come here for Fateh, you know he is here, you said you still love him. She says I don’t want to give any justification, you helped me, but you can’t interfere in my life. He says no, I care for you, Fateh and Jasmin won’t let you live in peace. She says my family is there to worry for me. He says I m giving you a last chance, leave everything and come with me. She asks what are you saying, sorry to say, I don’t like this tone. He smiles and says you didn’t understand, I didn’t mean that, I m requesting for the last time, come with me, you, me and Riya will start a new life, you don’t love me, we are friends. She says not again. He says Jasmin has come here, she won’t let you stay in peace. She asks how do you know. He says I have seen her, they will keep creating some problem. She says I told you, I have nothing to do with them. The scooty doesn’t start. He says I will drop you. She says no thanks, I will take an auto. He says we are friends, we can work this out. She sits in the auto. He stops the driver and scolds him. He says Tejo ji, you can’t forget this day, you will regret soon, think again. He gives his hand. She asks driver to drive. She leaves. He says I don’t want you to go to Fateh, I don’t want to join hands with Jasmin, why are you forcing me to do this. Fateh reaches the college. He gets a rose. He thinks of Tejo. Dekheya….plays… He says how shall I give this to Tejo, Dilraj and Navraj also refused to help me because of Rupy’s fear. He says I will keep this on her seat before she comes. He sees Jasmin there. He says what is she doing here, is she spying on Tejo.

He follows Jasmin. Jasmin gets a call. She says yes, I m in college, don’t worry. He stops her. She asks are you following me, decide what you want. She takes the roses. She says its good, love letter. She reads the poetry. She tears the note and steps on the roses. He scolds her. He says I asked you to stay away from Tejo and me. She says India is a free country, your mum didn’t get Moga in her dowry. He says you can never get me back. She says I have no interest in you, but in ruining your life, calm down, your bp will get high, relax, you remember, you torn my passport and gave me a surprise, I will give you a big surprise now. She goes. He says what is she going to do, she can do anything to harm Tejo, I have to keep Tejo safe.

Tejo asks the students to be careful. Fateh thinks the entire college left, what is she doing here. She asks did you have any work. He says college time is over. She says yes, you may go if you want. He recalls Jasmin’s words. Fateh asks is Tejo’s class still going on. Peon says yes, she is taking a re-test. Fateh says I can’t let her stay alone here, don’t know what is Jasmin’s plan. He gives money to the guard and says stay here till Tejo is here, I m also here, you get a taxi for her, her scooty isn’t working. He goes. Tejo says time is up. She takes the papers. Tejo says you didn’t go. Guard says how can I go until you are here, wait, I know your scooty isn’t working, I will get an auto. She asks how do you know, did anyone ask you to do this. He sees the car. Fateh hides and looks on.

She says its okay, you hire the auto. He hires an auto. She says tell him that he can leave now. He goes to Fateh’s car. She leaves. He says Tejo left, she said you can go now, she understood. Fateh asks was she angry. Guard says no. Fateh asks was she smiling. Guard says maybe. Fateh laughs and thanks him. Angad comes to meet Jasmin. He asks what happened. She says I told you not to rush, you didn’t listen and came here, what did you talk to Tejo. He says mind your own business, you plan your surprise, let me surprise everyone by my plan, I wanted Tejo to come back to me. She says of course, she would have told you that she loves Fateh. He says Fateh also loves her. She says I want your help. He asks what help. An accident is shown. He asks are you mad. She says just get an accident done, you have big contacts. He asks whose accident. She says you do good with me, I will help you, my real planning will start after accident, poor Fateh and Tejo, this time, I will give them a big surprise.

Jasmin says you will like this surprie, so better be scared. Tejo gets the rose and note. Tejo slaps Fateh angrily.

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