Urfi out of Bigg Boss took out anger on Divya Aggarwal and Zeeshan


The first week of Bigg Boss OTT’s house was quite a bang and Karan Johar’s Weekend Ka Vaar proved to be icing on the cake. Karan not only kept his perspective on every wrong thing happening in the house, but also took a class of many contestants fiercely. But actress-model Urfi Javed has been out of the house on the first weekend.

Urfi is very angry with this aviction. Urfi’s displeasure was clearly visible even inside the house. But after getting out of the house, Urfi took out his anger on co-contestants Divya Aggarwal, Zeeshan and Neha Bhasin.

In a special interview to News18 Hindi, Urfi told that she was so disappointed as soon as she left the house that she cried a lot while lying on her bed. Urfi told that she did not think that she would be homeless, but she was more likely to be homeless than Rokesh Bapat’s house.


Urfi was asked whether she was more unhappy with her elimination or Zeeshan’s deception, she said, “I am saddened by both the things. This boy cheated me a lot. I have to slap him, I am so angry. I can beat him with sticks.’

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Urfi and Zeeshan had become a connection in Bigg Boss.

At the same time, when asked about the smartest contestant of the house, Urfi said, ‘Divya Agarwal, Chant, clever, chatur… I saw that he came out and said whatever he has said about me. When I am cooking, I have commented that I am adding more oil. Now if no one praised her food, then she got irritated.


At the same time, on the question of returning home, Urfi said, ‘If I get a chance to go into the house, then first of all, with Divya and Zeeshan, I don’t know, maybe I should leave the insects and worms on their bed. I will put watts of these two, I will make both of them bald. And what I will not do at all by going to the house will be to support Neha Bhasin. I saw that they have done me a lot of evil. Second, now if I get angry, neither can anyone stop me, I will speak.



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