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The Episode starts with Veena Devi meeting a Pandit. Pandit says your event will be successful, but there is a problem, there is someone near you, who is hurdle between you and your success and that person is the reason for the problems in your life. Veena Devi gets worried. Dadi tells Purab and Thapki that Veena couldn’t talk, as her voice is not coming out. She says what will happen about today’s event. Daddy asks him to come and see her. Thapki says I will make kada for Maa ji. Veena Devi says no need and warns her not to step inside her room. She says I shall not get even your reflection fall on me. Daddy asks have you gone mad? Veena Devi asks her not to say anything and says the matter is about my voice and says my sur is shaken up for the first time, due to her. Thapki is in tears. Veena Devi asks her to leave. Thapki goes out. Daddy says really you have gone mad. Purab also goes upset from there. Daddy tries to console Thapki and says don’t feel bad about Veena’s anger and tells that she is very worried now. Thapki says I can understand her pain, if something happens to the singer’s voice, then it will be bad. She asks what shall I do? Daddy says she will not agree straightly. Purab says Mom has refused to drink kada. Daddy says we have to divert her. Thapki says we shall make her happy too, as happy heart leads to happy body. Dadi says I have an idea to make Veena happy. Purab and Dadi watch the video of Purab’s childhood with Veena. Veena Devi is running in the video behind little Purab. Thapki says both of your acting are looks unreal. He asks her to come and act. He then realizes and says Mom asked you not to come, sorry. Veena Devi comes there hearing them. Thapki tells Purab. Veena Devi looks at the video and laughs, in which she asks Purab to get ready for the birthday. She laughs says I had to run behind you for small things, and you used to made me cry. He says I wanted your attention. He serves her kada. Veena devi is all smiles looking at the video.

He serves kada in the cup and gives to Veena Devi. Veena Devi drinks it while watching the video. She says this is my life’s beautiful moments and then…He says you got busy and forgotten that you had a son, and says I had celebrated only this birthday with you and then I didn’t get chance to celebrate birthday after this birthday. Veena Devi realizes that her throat is fine and says she has no pain now. She practice singing. Dadi tells Veena that she is harming herself with her anger. Purab says I am managing the event, but Thapki will be there to help me. He asks if she is ok. Veena Devi says do whatever you want, but she shall not be infront of me, when I started singing. He says ok. She gets up and goes. He tells Thapki, good job partner.

Mukul comes to a house and thinks this is the last house, and thinks if it is 34 or 84. He comes to the house and sees Ashok there. He thinks it seems I have come to the wrong house, if he was Thapki’s Mama then I would have seen him there at the marriage. He calls on the phone number. Jaya picks the call and says hello. Thapki is on the call and asks how are you Maa? Jaya says I am fine. Thapki asks her not to lie to her and says I have started working with Purab, and says just as I get the money, we will get your surgery done. She tells her that Kada worked. Jaya says if concrete solution is not done, then throat can get in problem again. She says why to take risk. Thapki asks what to do? Jaya asks her to make kali mirchi and saunf laddoo. Thapki asks her to give the recipe. Mukul calls the chemist and asks for Jaya’s number. Chemist says I already gave and asks him to search himself. Jaya says all the best to Thapki for the event. Thapki says ok.

Jaya comes to the window and sees Mukul standing, but she doesn’t see his face and closes the window. Veena Devi practice singing. Priyanka says Veena Chachi’s event will be superhit. Thapki makes the laddoo and tells Dadi that Maa ji’s voice will be very good after eating this laddoo. Dadi says Veena Devi is blessed to have you as her bahu. Sapna and Priyanka hears them. Sapna says Veena Devi will have the laddoo made by Thapki and her throat will not working. She asks Priyanka to cut the ginger/arbi. Priyanka comes to Sagar and asks him to cut it. Sagar asks her to get it done by the Servants. Priyanka tries to woo him. Sagar says ok and starts peeling it. Purab calls Thapki. Priyanka comes to Sapna and asks her to do remaining work. Sapna comes to the kitchen and replaces Thapki’s stuff with other thing. Purab asks Thapki to come and organize her people. Thapki says I will be back in 15 mins, I am making laddoos for Maa ji. Sapna rolls the fake laddoos and keep it in the kitchen. She hides. Sapna hides. Thapki thinks to give the laddoos to Dadi and says she will make Maa ji eat it. She takes the fake laddoos in the bowl and goes. Sapna scratches her palm. Dadi comes to Veena Devi and asks how are you? Veena Devi says she is somehow fine and asks for the kada.

Daddy asks her to have the laddoos. Veena Devi asks who made it? Dadi says a vaid and asks her to eat. She tells Purab and Thapki that she gave laddoos to Veena. Veena Devi eats the laddoo and feels pain. She asks for water. Priyanka and Sapna come inside. Priyanka asks where is the fire? Veena Devi says her throat is paining and shows the laddoo. Priyanka says Thapki made it. Veena Devi gets angry. Purab says shall we leave? Thapki and Purab are about to leave. Veena Devi shouts and asks them to stop. Purab asks why are you angry? Veena Devi says since she came here, bad things are happening in this house. She says she makes everything wrong intentionally. Daddy says you started again. Veena Devi asks Daddy not to say anything. She says your lie is caught. Vinod asks what is this new tamasha, why you are behind her. Sapna and Priyanka smile looking at each other. Veena Devi says she made me eat. Thapki says I made Muleti and Kali mirchi laddoos for you. Veena says then why my voice is rough and ruined. She asks what proofs you want? She says this girl is inauspicious and she is near me for the inauspicious reasons. She says my throat is bad due to her and says her bad reflection fell on me. Thapki gets teary eyes. Purab feels bad for Thapki.

Precap: Purab announces surprise for everyone at the event. Thapki sings in the event. Purab says your fans want to see your glimpse. Electricity goes off. When he lifts the veil from her head, he finds Hansika there. He is surprised.

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