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Tiwari visits Mishra house and starts asking for Anu, and says today I will ask her to talk to Angoori and Amaji to stop this nonsense, Tiwari finds a chit which reads why are you so late I’m waiting upstairs for you and I’m really upset and now come 4 steps more, Tiwari finds another note which reads she is waiting for him, and come upstairs quickly through staircase.

Tiwari goes upstairs in bedroom and sees no one and gets confused, he sees another note on bed which reads come in the bathroom and do not knock, Tiwari says why is she calling me in bathroom, may be there is some secret, lets go check .
Tiwari walks inside bathroom, Tiwari comes out shouting.
Anu says how dare you enter, Tiwari says I was following your instructions, Anu says you are drunk, Tiwari says see these notes, Anu says this is for my husband, Tiwari says you want him to come to my bathroom why, Anu says you will decide where my husband will come, and you came in and why did you shout, it was just a face sheet mask, Tiwari leaves.

Tilu Malkan selling tea, they see Angoori isn’t around, Angoori walks to them and says here is prasad have it. Vibhu walks to her and says give me prasad too. Vibhu asks Angoori all good and are these two helping you, Angoori says yes, Vibhu says don’t worry I will be there with you and not leave you alone like Tiwari, Angoori says he wanted to come but I asked him not too. Vibhu asks boys to get them tea, Angoori says I’m worried about Tiwari how he must be managing. Vibhu pays them 10₹ for tea, Tillu says its 500₹ for one, its premium tea, Malkan says it gives you relief, Vibhu says shutup, Malkan starts crying and complaints to Angoori that people like Vibhu don’t let them work, Angoori says cmon pay them, Vibhu pays to boys, and asks will she have kachori, Angoori says yes, Malkan says get for us too. Vibhu leaves

Anu and Vibhu having dinner, Vibhu says it looks so rich here and is this your bew business, Anu says this is our house and all this for a special person you, Vibhu says cmon I’m ordinary unemployed man, Anu says you don’ t have to pay here, Vibhu says oh in return I have to do many things, Anu says not things but love, Vibhu says why is it today, and you must be thinking always bad about me, Anu says why are you taking it wrong way, it was just a romantic dinner with your fav food, Vibhu asks what, Anu says paratha, Vibhu says I hate it, Anu says there’s ladies finger too, Vibhu says I hate it and my mother was insulted by ladies finger, Anu says why are you behaving like this, just get lost. Vibhu drinks and leaves.

Angoori making her bed, Malkan says allow was to do, Angoori says I’m comfortable you two go sleep its very cold, Vibhu walks to them, Tilu asks did Bhabhiji throw you out, Vibhu says yes, Tilu says why so happy about it , Vibhu says why will I be happy, Tilu says you don’t look sad. Vibhu slaps them. Angoori says to Vibhu how will you sleep here, Vibhu says I have your company, Angoori says should I talk to Anu, Vibhu says no let her understand on her own. Angoori gets call from Amaji and she asks Angoori to go back, it was mistake from Pandit Rampal and Tiwari should sleep she shouldn’t.

Angoori tells Vibhu about it and Tiwari will come here now, Vibhu says what. Tiwari walks to them and says Angoori go home and sleep peacefully, Angoori says how will you so sleep, Tiwari says just like you were going too, Angoori says okay and you have Vibhu to give you company, Malkan says come I will drop you bhabhiji .

Anu missing Vibhu, Angoori walks to her, Anu asks why are you here, Angoori says now Tiwari will sleep, Amaji had called. Anu says good, Malkan tells Anu that Vibhu is near temple, Angoori says why do you do this, Anu says he annoys me so much, I had arranged a dinner for him. Angoori asks Anu to let Vibhu come back, Anu says okay.

Tiwari hugs Vibhu and says Angoori, Vibhu pushes him away and says what nonsense is this, Tiwari says sorry and falls asleep, Vibhu gets annoyed and thinks I thought it will be bhabhiji but have to sleep with him now.
Angoori walks to Vibhu and wakes him up.

Pre cap: Anu says to Vibhu I’m going inside and creating a romantic set up come in and leaves.
Angoori sees Vibhu and tells him there was a mistake and she has to be at temple and not Tiwari.

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