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Angoori in kitchen says Tiwari is in pain and I cannot feel is pain he got loss but still I was troubling him. Vibhu walks to kitchen window and says you in tears what happen. Angoori says I’m not feeling good. Vibhu says tell me what happen. Angoori says Tiwari. Vibhu says oh again Tiwari and insults him. Angoori says first listen me and says his 2 order got canceled he was sad and I was asking for necklace, I’m so fool. Vibhu says no need to be sad on small topic you are innocent and hot lady you not to be scared of these and show her necklace. Angoori gets happy says its so beautiful. Vibhu says it’s for you. She says I cannot have it, you are my neighbor and we cannot take costly gift from neighbor Ammaji told me. Vibhu says isn’t she dead yet, I feel she should go in and says it’s a simple theory when a neighbor guft something to other neighbor then who accepts the gift his all wishes come true. She says really is that true. Vibhu says yes and give her necklace and flirt with her. Angoori says it’s so beautiful it will look beautiful on me.

Tiwari in hall calls Gupta says please don’t cancel order, Gupta keeps call. Tiwari in tension ask Angoori to bring water. Angoori brings water for him. He says to Angoori I cannot bring necklace for you and see her wearing a necklace, ask what is this. She says its gift Vibhuti give me. He shouts and says throw it. Tiwari gets call from Gupta gets happy and says order is not canceled, says you are great thankyou so much I’ll be there at destination in no time. He says to Angoori that Gupta gave me order back. Angoori thank god and says I was praying to God. He says God always listen to our prayers and shouts at Angoori I pray you throw this necklace right away. Tiwari gets call from Agrawal and says thankyou for giving me order back. Angoori ask what’s the news. Tiwari says Agrawal gave his order back to us and shouts at her says throw that necklace and he gets a call from unknown number he picks up and ask who is this, says says is it Jimmi Chandani Ji what happen and gets happy start dancing in excitement . Angoori says are you gone mad. Tiwari says we got new client from Surat and he is onboarding with us. Angoori says for this good news I’ll get sweet for you.

Anu in hall reading magazine. Meenal walks in and greet her. Anu says long time how’s you and where were you these many days. Meenal says Anurag need to do formalities for his chemical factory. Anu says so why didn’t you come. Meenal says it was important to be with him. Anu says you are so happy that you got Anurag with you who keeps your life exciting and happy not like mine. Meenal says why are you saying like this. Anu says you know we have marriage anniversary this month so I asked Vibhu to gift me something, he brought a necklace for me which was old without any proper design. Meenal says your problem is that you don’t see value of human, did you thought with how much love he brought gift for you, our husband thinks that we should understand there emotions. Anu says thankyou for opening my eyes. Meenal says focus on Vibhu’s emotions. Anu says okay and says I’ll bring coffee for you.

Tillu and Malkhan digging ground and says Kuber’s temple is below this ground. Tillu says why don’t you hear properly. Malkhan says how we will get to know do we hear bell. Tillu says you are such dumb, temple are empty from inside so when we will dig and if we hit the surface then we can hear the echo. Malkhan says you are right Tillu and start shouting. Tillu ask did you hear echo. He says no and says I can hear different voice. Tillu says is there anyone else inside and says lets focus on digging and start. They both hit water pipe. Malkhan says what is this now. Tillu says this might water of a river which is flowing near temple. Masterji walks to them says there is no river, you hit colony water line curse them. Tillu says we didn’t know and why sre you getting angry a lot. Masterji says how will I take bath, there is not water supply in bathroom and I’m already covered in soap. Malkhan says you can clean yourself from this water. Masterji says you will get punished for this. Tillu says till the time you will bring your stick till that we will run away. Masterji hit them and walks away. Tillu and Malkhan in pain.

Tiwari and Angoori in market. Tiwari gets call from Mittal, says what my undergarments will rock in London, that’s nice I’ll send you sample just pass the order and hungs. Angoori ask what happen. Tiwari says Mittal is a business grom London and says he need my undergarments in London. Angoori says but what he will do with your undergarments they are dirty. Tiwari says he is talking about order. Angoori says it’s a good news but what benefit you won’t take me London on vacation. Tillu and Malkhan listing everything. Tiwari says I’ll take you on vacation everywhere even out of earth in space near moon and stars. Angoori gets excited and says atleast give me sometime to go so that I can do packing. Tiwari says yes but listen we are out of luck right now and our lucky charm is this necklace right now so take good care of it. Angoori says everything happing with you is because of me so I need commission. Tiwari says everything is yours you just need to take good care of necklace. Angoori says yes and they both walk away.
Tillu says we need to steal that necklace tonight. Malkhan says then we will give it to Rusa.

Vibhu in kitchen cleaning dishes. Anu calling Vibhuti and walks to him says I’m calling you cant you hear and I’m sorry. Vibhu says can’t you see I’m doing dishes. Anu says I’m saying sorry to you and you are still stuck with utensils. Vibhu says why are you doing drama of saying sorry. Anu says I just realized that yoi brought a gut for me but I criticized over that I know it’s my fault right and I’ll appreciate that, I know I hirt you so I’m sorry. Vibhu says if you realized that then it’s enough for me now come food it ready let’s have it. Anu says on one bet first give me that necklace. Vibhu shouts mommy. Anu says not mommy necklace. Vibhu thinks I gave that necklace to Bhabhiji and if she saw that then I’m dead says there is a crises, you rejected that necklace so I gave to Prem. Anu says is Prem your wife or me. Vibhu says you rejected so I gave to him. Anu says so take it back. Vibhu says it won’t look nice now. Anu says you know what will not look nice that you will not come in house if you do not bring that necklace. Vibhu days that necklace is in his locker so that it is safe. Anu says I thought she gave to her wife and was thinking how I’ll get it from her neck, I’ll ask prem to get it for me from locker now lets eat food. Vibhu says I’m not feeling hungry and leaves.

Angoori sleeping. Vibhu in her bedroom come to steal necklace. Malkhan and Tillu hiding below bed. Vibhu steal it and says I’m sorry.

Angoori says we are being robbed someone steal the necklace

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