Vibhuti learns that Helan is not his mom

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Helan, Vibhu, David and Anu sitting in hall in Anita’s house. Vibhu says to Helan I was coughing a lot but you didn’t give me water what I did wrong. Helan says you are not my son. Vibhu says who said that. Anu says an old lady came to house she told. Vibhu ask then who’s son am I. David says you aren’t her son. Vibhu says I’m not son of lady who took care of make protected me from everything. David shouts no and stop annoying us. Vibhu in shock. Helan and David leave.

Tiwari, Angoori and Ammaji sitting in hall in Tiwari’s house. Ammaji on call with pandit Ramphal says you are going to be grandfather soon, what is the horoscope of new grandson, he will open production line of undergarments good. Tiwari says but we need daughter. Ammaji says shutup to Tiwari and gets back yo call says we can keep his name starting from R well thankyou and disconnects call. Angoori says lets keep his name Hrithik. Ammaji says it’s first child so his name will be kept on grandfather’s name. Angoori ask then that kid will be named after Ramphal or Juman Lal. Ammaji says let’s toss and ask Tiwari to bring out coin. Angoori says okay lets toss if it’s tail then Juamn Lal and if it’s head then Ramphal. Tiwari toss it and it land vertically with no face phasing upside. Angoori says its stuck in between. Ammaji says lets keep kids name in combination of both Jumanphal.

Vibhuti standing in his balcony remembers his time spent with his mother says I miss you I cannot live without you. Anu walks to him says I know you are missing Helan aunty. He says she is my mom not aunty, you know when I use to order pizza. Anu says she use to eat whole pizza and then order double cheese burst pizza for you. Vibhu says yes, she had big heart, I’m missing my mom and missing Dadid too he is like my backbone. Anu says calm down what can I do if I would have been dean of the hospital in which you were born so I would have checked all the CCTV footage and check who is your real mom and dad but all set and done I’m your wife and you are strong, you are my husband. Vibhu says yes and says I miss you mom.

Angoori and Tiwari sitting in garden. Ammaji joins them says to Angoori kesar milk is healthy for kid and says to Tiwari don’t leat Angoori put her hands in cold water and from now on you will do house chores. Tiwari says okay I’ll do. Ammaji says to Angoori from now on you will not do any work because you are pregnent and you know when Tiwari was inside me he use to kick me every day. Angoori says you know kid kick me last night. Tiwari says this is not possible it could be me who kicked you. Vibhuti hear everything and says shouts at Tiwari says I’ll break your legs and they both start arguing. Tiwari says he is jelous of me because I’m going to be father. Vibhu mocks him and they start fighting. Angoori says stop it you always fight, it’s time to celebrate and ask Ammaji when will be baby shower. Ammaji says I’ll ask Pandit Ramphal and says to Vibhu you and Anu are invited for baby shower. Vibhu says okay I’ll come. Angoori says bring Helan too she is your mom, gave birth to you she will feel nostalgic. Vibhu think’s how will I tell you that she is not my mother, he start crying and leave. Everyone in shock. Ammaji ask Angoori do you feel like eating something sour. Tiwari says I feel like eating sour.

Gupta and Masterji sitting near tea stall. TMT sit neat them and greet them. Gupta ask them where are you guys, what are you doing. TMT says we are here only. Masterji says you know kids like you have become millionaire what you are doing. Teeka says so you are talking about Sattu. Gupta says yes we are talking about Satpal, you can also be millionaire. Masterji says you can also find a millionaire and act like you are his Illegitimate child and mocks them. Teeka whispers to Malkhan and Tillu that they are right. Malkhan says but where we can find a millionaire. Tillu says look through my eyes a millionaire is coming. Prem walks in and greet everyone. Prem sit and ask for tea. Malkhan calls Prem daddy. Prem ask who daddy. Malkhan says it’s you. Prem says from when did I became your daddy. Tillu says from now on you are our daddy and they both get up and hugs him. Prem push them back says I make everyone fool and you are trying to fool me and leaves.

TMT, Gupta, Masterji and Prem sitting in Tiwari’s house drinking. Tiwari walks in and welcome everyone. Gupta congrats him and ask where is Angoori. Tiwari takes her name. Angoori walks in with Ammaji. Everyone congratulates her. TMT demand for gifts. Tiwari says to Ammaji no need to give them anything. Angoori says give them nothing will happen, says to Ammaji we are being blessed by God and still he is acting cheap. Ammaji says to Tiwari don’t act cheap gift then what they are asking for. Tiwari says okay I’ll gift them. Angoori says I feel like crying after seeing you this happy. Ammaji says I’m so happy that I may spend my whole wealth. Happu Singh walks in and congratulate Tiwari and says to Ammaji it’s a good news so please share that happiness with by gifting us some gold. Ammaji gives him money. Happu gets happy. Saxena walks in and congratulate Tiwari and Angoori and ask for slap as gift from Ammaji. Ammaji slaps him. Happu ask Tiwari where Bhuray Chacha. Angoori calls him. Bhuray walks in. Happu ask for gift from Bhuray. Helan walks in and congratulate Tiwari. David congratulate Ammaji. Angoori ask Helan where is Vibhu and Anu. Helan says they will come soon. Angoori says whenever we do party they come first always. Bhuray says I’m missing Vibhu. Ammaji says he will come don’t worry. Bhuri lal flirts with Ammaji and Helan. David mocks them. Bhuri lal says to David this is not good. Anu on door with Vibhu says come inside and son creat any scene. Vibhu says I’m jelous of him because he is increasing population. Anu take him inside and says everyone has kid and give example of Happu Singh. Happu says mocks Vibhu. Tiwari and Angoori welcome them. Angoori asks Vibhu why did you yook so long. Vibhu says sometime I get late. Tiwari says no worries we have enough free food for you. Vibhu says I’m not here to eat food or drink. Anu says please behave if he mean that then I would have left party with you. Tiwari says to Anu how you can leave party, if you will leave then I’ll cancel baby shower.

Tiwari throwing Vibhu out of party. Bhuri Lal sees mark on his neck and says I have a similar one says he is my son.

Next day Dadu ask Vibhu to take blessings from your sister Angoori. Tiwari says I feeling crying after seeing your brother sister love

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