Vibhuti turns out to be Angoori’s brother

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Everyone in Tiwari’s house celebrating. Anu says to Vibhu why are you getting mad he is respecting you. Vibhu says he not he is just respecting you. Anu says we are not different. Angoori says to Vibhu you said that you will sing song for my birthday. Vibhu says it’s not your birthday it’s your baby shower. Angoori says so sing on that occasion and welcome Vibhu to sing song. TMT mocks him. Vibhu walks to them and slap. Angoori says now you can sing. Happu says if you are done so can we start with the performance. Vibhu start singing. Everyone enjoying Helan being sad. Angoori says you sing well. Bhuri Lal says you sing well and says to Helan he sing well but after seeing you and David seems like he isn’t your child. Vibhu says to Helan why don’t you tell them I’m not your kid I’m an orphan. Angoori says what are you saying you are not his child. Vibhuti says they are not my relatives I’m an orphan. Anu says this is not time and place for your drama. Vibhu says this is reality. Tiwari says then Anu is also not your wife. Anu says what are you talking I’m his wife. Tiwari mocks him and they both start arguing. Tiwari grab his collar and try to throw him out. Bhuri Lal stop him and sees mark on his jeck says this is our family birthmark see I too have that this means he is my son Juttan who was lost when he was born and start kissing him says years ago during his birth I was waiting and Gupta’s father came to me and told me they lost my son someone stole it from that time till now I was looking for my son. Saxena says if Vibhu is your son then Angoori is his sister. Vibhu says lets to me uncle. Bhuri Lal says don’t call me that I’m your father. Tiwari says this mean you sre my brother in law.

Next day Bhuri Lal cleaning his scooter. He sees Vibhu and stop him and kisses him and says I’m sorry I want to give all your love you couldn’t get in childhood. Vibhu says there is something fishy. Bhuri Lal says nothing is wrong that birthmark says that you are Angoori’s sister. Vibhu says no I’m your son it’s okay but don’t have any relation with Angoori. Bhuri Lal calls Angoori out. Angoori and Tiwari walks out of house. Angoori ask what son and father doing outside. Vibhu says I’m leaving. Bhuri lal stops him says go hug your sister and ask when you will tie rakhi. Tiwari says I love seeing there siblings bond and says to Bhuri Lal remember I use to always says that you should have two son and God listen to you but he is unemployed. Bhuri Lal says no worries now I’m here. Vibhu get’s angry and leaves. Angoori says to Bhuri Lal come I made pakoda for you and they all go inside.

Anu calls Helan and David for breakfast. Helan and David comes out with luggage. Anu ask where are you going I cooked breakfast for you. David whispers let’s have breakfast. Helan says I don’t with strangers. Anu says what are you whispering breakfast is getting cold have it. Helan says sorry Anitaji. David says yes now you and Vibhu are strangers to us so please tell Vibhu his uncle and aunty left. Anu says stop reacting on what old lady said. Helan says but she was right. David says forget everything and let’s eat. Helan says I won’t let you eat anything. Anu says please try to understand what Vibhu will think you sre the one who took care of him from birth, you should not take that old lady seriously I can assure you he is your son because you both have similar habits snoring, being unhygienic etc. Helan ask David to leave.

Angoori in kitchen cooking and singing. Vibhu walks to her and greets her. Angoori greet her back and ask how are you and how’s your wife, both awkward calling eachother siblings. Vibhuti says all good and hope everything remain fine. Angoori says did you got any job and tries to call him brother says if you want I can ask Dadu for job in his company. Vibhu says I already applied sister. Angoori says I’m gonna get a call from brother. Vibhuti says okay do your conversation. Angoori leaves.

Helan and David outside tea stall. Helan says to David take me along with you London. David says it cost 1lakh rupees for one person. Helan says okay is there someone you know in city who can help us to stay. David says I have friends but you won’t like them because they are dancers. TMT walks to them. Malkhan ask them what are you doing here. Helan says we have no one to look after us we had only one son but you know. Tillu says it’s very sad and may God rest your soul in peace. David says to them please help us. TMT discuss among themself that David is rich and will give us money to help him. Tillu says no need to worry. Teeka says we see our Dadaji in you. Malkhan says come with us. Tillu says don’t worry we will help you. Helan says am I not your aunty that you won’t miss me.

Bhuri Lal says to Vibhu it’s getting cold so you have to do all the chores and take good care of Angoori.

Anu and Tiwari in Anita’s house. Anu says you can’t stop yourself from teasing me. Tiwari says a poem

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