Vidrohi 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Subarna Maa trusts Kalyani

Vidrohi 11th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maa saying I lost the locker keys, their land papers are missing, the locker was open, papers were missing and keys are also missing. Radha says we will find out. The guard says we have checked well, we didn’t get the keys anywhere. Gadadhar thinks you will get it. He signs a Paika. Paika says we got cheated, our future was connected to the land, how can you get careless with the keys. They argue with Maa. Subarna Maa says calm down, we are finding it. Radha says we will find it. Maid comes and says I got the keys. Maa asks where did you find it. Maid says Kalyani’s room. Gadadhar says Kalyani can stoop to this level, she did a theft in the house. Radha asks where did you get the keys. Maid says on her couch. Radha asks Kalyani what’s her new excuse now. Radha’s mum says we can’t trust her, I didn’t think the matter will reach here. Kalyani throws the keys to Gadadhar and says he is the thief. They all get shocked.

Kalyani says now he has the keys, then he is the thief, right, if keys are found in my room, then I m the thief, I lost many things from my room, it proves that its easy for anyone to come to my room. Maa says she is right, why would anyone keep the stolen thing on the couch, someone is trying to frame Kalyani, how did I lose the keys. Kalyani says someone would have taken it, how and when. Maa recalls. Gadadhar says do something fast. Radha says Maa… Maa says wait. She recalls Gadadhar apologizing to her. She says someone has taken the keys and worked hard to open the locker, he would have some motive, I have to see the locker once again. Radha says yes, I will come with you. Maa says no, you stop here, Kalyani will come with me to help. Maa and Kalyani leave. Radha cries.

Her mum says Maa didn’t take you to the locker room and took Kalyani instead. Radha says Maa is elder. Radha’s mum says don’t worry, you are not alone, I m with you, Gadadhar is also with us. He worries and goes. Maa checks the locker. He asks Kalyani to check the Paika land papers, if anyone else’s papers are missing. Kalyani checks. She says this has all the papers right, except those names you took, don’t worry. Maa says the culprit will be worried. Kalyani asks do you doubt someone. Maa says no, I m sure Gadadhar did this, he came home to me in drunken state, he touched my feet to apologize, he did this to make Paikas against Jagabandhu, he always had jealousy against his brother, I chose Jagabandhu and gave him the rights because he was capable, I will never forgive Gadadhar, I will go and ask him.

Kalyani says no, we should plan and make him confess the crime. Maa asks what’s the meaning to delay, I m his mum, I can stop him. Kalyani says he will ask the proof, let him realize he is wrong. Maid comes to call Maa. Kalyani asks Maa to go. Maa goes to Paikas. Gadadhar says I wish you don’t catch me, your attention will be diverted now. Paikas threaten of suicide. They ask for their papers. Kalyani comes and says here are the papers. Gadadhar asks how can this happen. He goes and asks where did you get it, I will check it and give the papers to them. Kalyani says no, they will get the papers from Baxi’s hands after his return, till then, it will be safe with mum, don’t worry, this time, it will be totally safe.

Gadadhar says I had made a good plan, how can this happen. He gets angry. Radha’s mum says your plan was good, make sure your mum trusts you. He thinks to see if money is arranged for Fletcher’s freedom. Kalyani comes to Maa. She says I got the fake papers to calm the Paikas, there is some big motive behind this. Maa says yes, what will we do. Kalyani says don’t worry, I will keep an eye on Paikas, it will be a way to get the papers back. Kalyani goes and sees the Paikas with someone. She goes and catches the man. She says I knew it, you will come to meet Paikas.

Radha says I can’t believe what you did with me, you trust Kalyani. Maa says she is trying to solve this. Kalyani gets a letter. Maa says Kalyani is doing the work which Jagabandhu would have done, its my responsibility to support her.

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