Vidrohi 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalyani gets upset

Vidrohi 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maa saying I will massage your head, come. Radha cries. Maa asks the matter. She says its fine if you don’t want to say, tell me if I can help. Radha says I had an argument with Baxi ji today, I think I m right, he thinks he is right. Maa says every person is right on his front. She advises Radha. She goes out and sees Jagabandhu. She says marriage happens between two people, your differences should be between you two, it shouldn’t spread in the family. He goes to Radha. They argue. He says I won’t send the letter to Maharaj without any solid reason, you know my decision, tell me, if Kalyani told you anything. Radha says you have become a reason for Kalyani’s joy and sorrow, her dream and reality. He asks what are you saying. Radha says I didn’t wish to say this, Kalyani is falling in love with you. He gets shocked.

He says this can’t happen, you are mistaken. She says you don’t trust me, then fine, go and ask her, then tell me, is my decision wrong or right. She goes. He says love… Kalyani sees the flowers and smiles. She gets the letter. She checks it. She reads it. She says how can Baxi ji cheat me. She goes to ask him. She says you cheated me. He asks how did this letter come to you. She says truth has come out. He says what appears isn’t true, I didn’t write this letter, Radha wrote this, will you believe me. She says don’t joke, you should have asked me to leave, why did you promise my dad. They argue.

He says Radha wrote this letter, she thinks you are falling in love with me. She gets shocked. He asks how shall I explain Radha, she wants you to go back to Badamba, we have one relation, that’s collaboration, we both didn’t want that, we can never have any relation, I request you to leave me alone. She recalls his words. She cries.

Its morning, Kalyani comes to Radha and says I read this letter, you wanted to send this to dad, you are upset with me, I got this with the gajra, situation got me here, I never imagined that I would get married, that we will lose Badamba. Radha says fate is one which we choose to fulfill our wishes. Kalyani says I regard you my elder sister, tell me if you want me to leave, my dad will be hurt. Radha says I told you, that my faith got shaken up that day, I don’t want you to lose your marriage Dharm, I’m afraid of losing a lot if you stay here.

Kalyani says why, Baxi loves you, why do you think so. Radha says keep yourself in my place and think, am I wrong, what should you do, think, do anything you want, I don’t want to talk. Kalyani says its a fear of losing self esteem, there is nothing left. Jagabandhu comes. Kalyani asks do you trust me, that I didn’t want to hurt Radha. He says it was my mistake, I wish I could make a new start, you are losing respect, I will come back and talk, I promise to save your self esteem. He goes. Kalyani touches the ground where he stood. Maa and Radha’s mum look on shocked. Radha’s mum complains about Kalyani. She says Jagabandhu scolded me, he refused to me, Radha is upset, who keeps an unmarried girl for so long, he isnt letting Kalyani go, she has controlled him. They go to talk to Radha. Radha says Kalyani came here as a guest, we have to respect her, and also Baxi’s promise, and the other side is my esteem, I don’t know what to choose, Kalyani shouldn’t stay here, she should go from here, Jagabandhu refused to send Kalyani. Maa asks why. She says I can understand this, you either tolerate this or speak up. Radha says I told Kalyani also, she can decide and leave. Radha’s mum asks her not to worry, its about her respect. She says we will talk to Kalyani, Radha won’t come in between. Radha nodes.

Radha is worried. Kalyani thinks of her words. Radha says you should leave from here. Jagabandhu thinks Radha’s trust and Kalyani’s protection, both are my responsibility.

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