Vidrohi 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalyani catches Amba red-handed

Vidrohi 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagabandhu asking Radha to come for the puja. He goes with Kalyani. She says I propose the peace for Radha’s sake, I wanted to stop the war that could happen if the truth comes out, we have to find out the culprit, we shouldn’t hurt Radha, what will she go through when she learns this. He says I have no doubt on your intention, but don’t like the ways. She says we have the same aim to protect Radha, I will choose a different way to do that, I expect you to understand me. She goes. Radha meets her parents. Her dad says we got this good news and came to meet you. Her mum says that’s why, I went barefoot to thank Jagannath. She ties a Rakshasutra to Radha’s arm. Radha says I m glad you are not upset. Her dad says we didn’t break our ties, it would be good if you come home to spend time with us, but everything has a time decided. They nod. Radha’s mum asks who is she, I didn’t see her before. Maa says she is princess Kalyani, Maharaj is unwell, he has sent her here for protection for a few days. Radha says Kalyani did my shringhaar today. Pandit asks just the family members to come for rituals. Kalyani turns to go. Jagabandhu looks at her.

Radha smiles. Everyone does the rituals. Kalyani recalls her marriage. Gadadhar goes to her and asks are you thinking of finding the enemies. She says yes, it will be known some day. He says yes, the culprit can be close. She says yes, maybe, I’m confused that maybe he is in front of me and I don’t identify him, I doubt everyone, even you. She goes. He gets angry.

He thinks I wish to give her the poison. He goes to Amba. Amba says I have to add the poison. He says no one will doubt you today, the game will change. He goes. The pandit tells the rituals. Radha calls Kalyani for the ritual. Jagabandhu and Kalyani bless the baby. Pandit says its a good thing to have a guest in such an auspicious thing. He asks Kalyani not to get back. Radha’s dad blesses Jagabandhu and Radha to have a son. Jagabandhu says Maa and Radha are the two women behind our success, a daughter can become a warrior and also a Senapati.

Pandit asks Radha to have madhur amrit. Radha says I want Kalyani to feed it to me. Gagadhar says its a nice idea. Kalyani asks will you give me this respect. Radha says we are sisters. He asks Kalyani to go and get the amrit for Radha. Kalyani says sure. Amba rushes and adds something in the amrit. Kalyani looks on and shouts what are you adding in it. Amba gets shocked. Kalyani scolds her.

Amba lies and says I didn’t add anything, its for Radha, how can you doubt me. Kalyani asks why did you get scared seeing me. Amba says everyone believes me here. Kalyani says come with me, I will ask in front of everyone. She drags Amba outside. She says nothing is fine here, Amba was adding something in this amrit.

Radha says you have high fever, come with me. She takes care of Kalyani and helps her recover. She sees Kalyani wearing the kamarbandh. She says married women wear it.

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