Vidrohi 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update:

Vidrohi 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha’s mum accusing Kalyani. Jagabandhu asks her not to say this again. She asks how can you argue with me for her sake. He says yes, you didn’t understand her, she respects and loves Radha a lot, its your bad luck if you can’t see this, she is from a good family and has good values, its wrong to accuse her, don’ t do injustice with her, I know she is clean hearted. Kalyani hears them. He says she is different, maybe your perception isn’t right. Kalyani smiles. Radha’s mum says fine, maybe I m wrong, Kalyani told me the same. He says remember this, she is in our Rodang, she is our guest, her respect is my respect, her insult is my insult. Radha’s mum goes. Kalyani moves back. The wooden sticks fall. He turns and sees her. He asks what are you doing here. She looks at him. He asks her the same.

She says I heard you are here, so I came to practice. He says I am not practicing. She asks him to teach her Paika skills. He says I don’t have time. She says we have to fight the britishers, I will be there with my army, you remember, I will lose if I go without practice. He says we will do it later. She says our collaboration doesn’t matter to you, we had to prepare for the battle, are you scared that I will defeat you in practice, tell me. He looks at her. Radha’s mum comes to Radha and says its not late, send that girl to her dad, she can go and live with her dad. Radha says you got after her. Her mum says she got after Jagabandhu, you aren’t able to see this, she wants a man’s attention, he is a good man, his wife is pregnant, these reasons are enough for her, I saw her holding his hand. Radha asks how can you think so, Kalyani has nothing such in her heart, she loves me, if I doubted her, then I don’t need you, I would have ousted her. Radha’s mum says you trust her a lot, she will backstab you and make you cry. Radha goes.

Jagabandhu and Kalyani have a fight. She stars at him. He says you can’t win if you fight to save yourself, attack. Radha comes there. She hears the sword sound. She goes there. Kalyani falls down. Jagabandhu falls over her. Radha gets shocked. He gets up and says the result of battle can change in one moment, the warrior can die in a moment, is this your practice, what are you thinking, where is your attention, if you are diverted like this, then don’t ask me for practice. He keeps the sword back. Radha smiles and leaves. Kalyani asks how shall I stop my heart from diverting, teach me. He says learn to live in present, but in past or future. She says if the present is the reason of diversion. He says it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean you are living in the present. A man comes and says farmers are fighting about Lagaan, they want you to come and decide. Jagabandhu goes. Kalyani smiles.

Radha says mum says such useless things, Baxi ji was scolding Kalyani, there is nothing wrong. She goes to Kalyani’s room and cleans it. She gets the Kamarbandh on the bed. She says I wish I could tell mum that Kalyani is married. She stumbles and drops the burning coal on the clothes. She shouts Maa.

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