Vimlesh and rajesh at loggerheads

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Happu in his bathrobe visiting Ghanshyam’s shop and ordering paneer pakoras. Ghanshyam jokes if he is so eager to have pakoras that he came in bathrobe, what if his towel had fallen down. Happu scolds hi to pack pakoras soon. Beni walks in next and asks Happu what is he doing here. Happu explains his situation. Beni says even he is going through the same situation. They plan how to tend this competition. Happu says amma will identify if they both take pakoras from the same shop, so Beni should take pakoras from different shop. Beni says he is not a fool and argues with him. Happu’s towel falls down leaving him in long bermuda. A few kids request Happu to pose for pics and he does.

Rajesh and Vimlesh serve pakoras to amma and asks her to give her verdict. Amma takes Rajesh’s pakoras and says praises that it tastes exactly like Ghanshyam’s stall pakoras. Rajesh gets nervous. Amma asks everyone to taste one. Everyone taste and say the same. Vimlesh asks Amma to taste her pakoras next. Amma tastes and praises her similarly. Vimlesh explains the procedure. Rajesh asks amma to give her verdict. Amma asks family instead. Hrithik praises Rajesh’s pakoras and criticizes Vimlesh’s pakoras. Chamchi takes Vimlesh’s side. Rajesh suggests to vote and decide a winner. Rajesh and Vimlesh get 1 vote each. Amma announces a tie.

At night, Rajesh criticizes Amma’s verdict. Happu suggests her to stop competing with her sister and let her win. Rajesh scolds him and sends him out to sleep. Beni faces similar situation. Rajesh gets angry on Gabbar for giving such a wrong idea. Gabbar is about to sleep on cot when Happu stops him and sleeps on 1 side. Beni walks in and sleeps on other side leaving Gabbar sit whole night. Next morning, Vimlesh and Rajesh enjoy tea and criticize each other. Amma walks in and asks what they are discussing. Vimlesh offers her to serve poori and sabji in breakfast. Rajesh says same. Amma taunts she wished to have pooja sabji 1 month ago and its fulfilling now. She then gives her old saris to them and asks them to fix a lace in it Rajesh says she is expert in it. Vimlesh says even she is now. Amma asks them to start their task soon, and they rush in. Hrithik takes Rajesh’s side while Chamchi takes Vimlesh’s side. Amma says she doesn’t care and is happy that her work is done.

Precap: No precap.

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