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The episode starts with Happu enjoying samosas in police station when Rajesh calls him and he doesn’t pick it purposefully. Manohar informs him and taunts. Happu picks call. Rajesh orders him to get a border fixed on Amma’s sari. He says he has a lot of pending work. She scolds him and orders to come right now. Happu scolds Manohar and asks him to tell Reshampal that he has gone on some important work. Reshmapal walks in and scolds him for going out for personal work during duty. Happu says he knows one cannot deny wife’s duty. Reshampal asks him to stay there and send Manohar.

Vimlesh apologizes to Beni. Beni asks if she wants him to do some important work. She says she wants him to fix border on amma’s sari. He asks if that is his work. She says before marriage, he told he knows everything and now backing off. He says he doesn’t know to stitch blouse, petticoat, false, etc. He says man has a half woman hidden in it. He asks if she wants people to call him as Mrs Beni. She insists and threatens him to kick him out of house if he doesn’t agree. He agrees and says he will get it fixed from Bada Bazaar’s Darshan Zariwala and demands a reward after finishing his task. She thinks he is overconfident.

Kamlesh sees Kat walking on road and asks where is she going. Kat asks if he doesn’t have any work and following him. He says he was passing by. She says he is an irritating person. He says he is not. She says whenever he speaks, cow dung falls from his mouth. People standing nearby laugh. He says let us have momos. She says she feels embarrassed seeing him eating so mannerlessly and continues humiliating him. People laugh more loudly.

Amma enjoys both bahus’ service and tells kids that her both bahus are eager to serve her. Vimlesh rushes to amma and returns her sari with lace fixed. Ranbir calls Rajesh who stands shocked seeing Vimlesh winning the round. Vimlesh lies that she fixed it like a robot and asks Rajesh to show her sari. Amma pronounces Vimlesh as this round’s winner.

At night, Hrithik challenges Chamchi that mummy will win the final competition. Chamchi laughs and says Vimlesh mausi is way ahead of mummy. Ranbir says she is right. Hrithik says mummy has more experience and will win for sure. Amma walks in and scolds them not to bother about competition. Dadaji scolds her that her set fire is burning whole house and warns her to stop it. She shuts his mouth. Vimlesh rejoices after a win. Beni says she didn’t do right with her sister. She says her sister will understand. He demands his reward, plays a romantic song, and dances romantically with her. Happu walks to Rajesh and gets romantic, but she scolds him that she lost today’s round because of him. He tries to calm her at his best but fails.

Precap: No precap.

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