Vrinda’s mother forces Yashoda to accept Kans’ demand

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The Episode starts Nand and Rohini trying to stop Yashoda from leaving. Vrinda’s mother comes there and says you have promised to search Vrinda and now want to run away from here. She says whatever is happening, is due to you and Kanha. Yashoda says my Kanha shall not be blamed, and says he is a little boy. She asks her to blame her, but don’t say anything against her Kanha. Madhumangal, Subal and Sudama come there. Vrinda’s mother says just like Kanha is dear to you, Vrinda is dear to me. She says you have to sacrifice Kanha for fulfilling your promise. She says you have to leave Kanha in Neelwan for Kans. Gokul residents come there and tell that all cows have gone missing. Balram says we shall tell them that they went to search Surbhi. Kanha says no. The Gokul resident tells that if Narayan is upset with us? Other says that Kans might be behind it. Yashoda says Soldier refused when I asked her. She says someone might be behind it. Rohini says Kans is involved. Vrinda’s mother says you are distracting us and tells that I give you 8 hours to bring back Vrinda safely. She says if you can’t bring her, then shall handover Kanha to Kans. Yashoda says I will not handover Kanha to Kans, but will fulfill my promise. Vrinda’s mother goes. Yashoda takes Kanha and says I won’t let you go anywhere, in any circumstances.

Nand asks Yashoda to have breakfast. Yashoda refuses. The kids have the food. Yashoda says don’t know how Vrinda’s Maiyya might be feeling? She asks if I will be able to fulfill it? Nand is hopeful. Kanha tells Balram that they will steal the butter. Balram asks how Vrinda and Surbhi return? Kanha asks him to tell about stealing butter. Balram tells everyone that everything is going to be fine, and for that we have to steal the butter. Subal asks if Vrinda and Surbhi will be found. Balram says yes. They ask him to think of a good idea and goes.

Yashoda tells that she will search Vrinda. A guy comes to Kans and says everyone is saying that you have made their cows vanished. Kans gets angry. The guy says you have to make their doubts confirmed. Kans thinks he has to break Kanha’s leela, according to Shukracharya.

Yashoda ties Kanha’s foot with a rope and hugs him. She then tries to make him sleep and she sleeps herself. Balram comes there and says Maiyya has tied you, neither you nor your team is suitable for butter stealing. Kanha says I can come. Balram says Maiyya will not let you go? Kanha says we will steal tomorrow.

A guy comes to Nand and says Soldiers brought Kans’ message. Yashoda says she will come behind him. She ties rope to him and asks him not to go anywhere. She says if you go then your Maiyya will be very angry with you. Informer tells that Maharaj Kans have vanished their cows to teach them a lesson. He says if you don’t agree then Kans will destroy Gokul, this is his last warning. Vrinda’s mother tells Yashoda that not much time is left.

Balram tells his team mates that they have to steal butter if they want Vrinda and Surbhi back. Subal, Sudama tell that whom to give butter, to Kans or someone else. Balram says we will bring them back and everyone. Sudama agrees to do this for Vrinda and Surbhi. Kanha says Mama Kans’s trick will defeat him only.

Precap: Kans soldier tells that time is up, we have to take Kanha to Kans. Yashoda refuses to let this happen. Vrinda tells Yashoda that she don’t deserve a son and says your son will do injustice like you. Kanha says Kans Mama has to give proof before Maiyya fulfills her promise.

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