Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha Supports Nakul And Rashmi’s Love Story



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Kanha is happy to hear that Nakul is in love with Rashmi and prays to God to help Nakul get his love. He asks Nakul how will he propose to Rashmi and offers to help him execute his plan. Nakula describes his plan. Anjali goes to Saroj. Saroj asks what happened. Kanha enters. Anjali takes food and leaves. Kanha tells Saroj that he is leaving now and takes the masala idli prepared for him. Saroj offers medicine and powder to Dhanraj and he should also go for a walk as he had sweets today. Dhanraj says that she is very happy today and does not want to spoil it by commenting on Saroj’s wrongdoings.

Kanha returns to Sharma’s house and bumps into Sayuri. The garland falls on them. His eyes closed. The title track of the serial plays in the background. They become alert when the family arrives. Kanha says Kusum loved the gift and wanted a matching earring, she has left her sister-in-law/Sil Sayuri’s rakhi on Krishnaji’s idol’s flute. Anjali tells Saroj that Nakul has fallen in love with Rashmi and warns that Sharma will soon take over Saroj. She says that this would not have happened if Saroj had broken Kanha and Sayuri’s relationship and offered to help them in doing so.

While making tea, Sayuri thinks of Kanha. Kanha takes a cup of tea and admires his cooking skills. He sips it and thinks that his wife has not added sugar to it. He feels that his love story is slowly coming back on track and he should see if Rashmi also loves Nakul. Rashmi gets happy seeing Nakul playing in the garden. A romantic song is playing in the background. Saroj notices Rashmi seeing Nakul and thinks that all her 3 sons have fallen in love with Indu’s daughters and prays something to God. Kanha goes to her and talks about Nakul. Rashmi feels ashamed. He tries to indirectly confess his love for Nakula to her, but she keeps quiet.

Kanha tells Sayuri about Nakul and Rashmi’s love for each other and is about to propose to each other. Sayuri asks him to stop them before any disaster happens as Saroj will never let this happen and will create problems for them. Kanha says that they cannot contain their feelings for each other and he cannot go against love. Sayuri says she should let Pyaar go to hell. Kanha warns him not to dare to speak Prem as Paramatma, then calms down and apologizes to him.

Rashmi goes to Nakul and asks if he loves anyone. Nakul nods yes and thinks that Kanha must have sent him. She asks who is she. Kanha tells Sayuri that he will not go against Pyaar. Sayuri asks what will she do then. Kanha asks her to fall in his love again.

Precap: Sayuri warns Kanha that Saroj will curse Sharma if she comes to know about Nakul and Rashmi’s love story. Saroj asks Nakul if he loves Rashmi, he will marry her. Hearing Anjali pushes Saroj down the stairs. Kusum saw her mother screaming in fear. Kanha and Sayuri listen.

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