Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra Married Vyjayanti?

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha denies to accompany Yuvraj when he suggests her to escape from hospital and lead an unanimously life for her baby’s sake. A nurse informs there is a fire accident at the hospital. Yuvraj rescues Preesha out. Preesha asks how did fire accident happen. Yuvraj says he set fire to make her flee, then says its god’s will and now she can lead a free life. She denies and says Rudra will free her. He asks will Rudra play guitar and free her from capital punishment. She gets adamant and says Rudra will take her baby as he is the father. He says he knows law, and her baby will be sent to juvenile center. Preesha doesn’t agree even then. He says her baby will be called a murderer’s son, god has given her a second change and shouldn’t let it go, and should die for the world. She says what about Rudra. He asks where was nalla Rudra when she was given capital punishment, doesn’t she want her baby to lead a respectful life. She says Rudra should know about his baby. He asks when she fought with the whole world for her sister’s son Saranh, why can’t she fight for her own baby. She asks where will she go. He says he will accept her and her baby and give his name to them. She says will never let Rudra’s child take Yuvraj’s name and like she fought for Saransh, she will fight for her own baby and upbring it alone. He thinks he knew this chipkali/lizard would say the same, so he blasted this hospital and lied about juvenile jail. He reminiscing how he did it and thinks let her go now wherever she wants to, he will find her and get her back at any cost.

Out of flashback, Preesha thinks she escaped fire accident and is leading an unanimously life with Rudra’s daughter Roohi since 5 years, where and how Rudra must be now. Rudra gets heavily inebriated mourning Preesha’s death and falls unconscious. Sharda and Bunty try to pick him up. Vyjayanti stops him and says let her carry him as she is his wife and carrying him every day since 5 years.

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